In the Spirit.

Are you there yet? I’ve been listening to Christmas music to keep things in perspective.

What have you been doing to get in the Christmas spirit?

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Snow Garland.

I love this idea! Snow garland is simple to make with just a roll of dental floss and some white adhesive dots and creates quite a dramatic effect when used in quantity.

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Take a Peek: My Holiday.

As I’m about to post this I just realized that I have yet to show you my home. Any of it. Not the exterior, or the interior or even anything. I promise to get on the ball at the start of 2009 and reveal too much information, more than you’d like most likely. But for now, these teeny, tiny tidbits of my holiday decor will have to satisfy you. I didn’t go all out this year since I’m leaving town so early (December 19 – eek!), but what I did put up are my favorites. Thanks for stopping by my home!

The Tree. I’ve been collecting glass ornaments – mainly pink and clear – for the past few years and this is the first year my tree has been able to sustain itself on glass alone. I’m thrilled with it. And at night, when the lights are on it’s so sparkly and lovely!

The Mantel. I didn’t change everything out just to decorate – the candlesticks on the left, the vase on the right and my For Like Ever print are constants. And that guy in the middle? That’s Herme. I bought him two years ago from artist Brenda Little here in OKC. He stands about 20 inches tall and is entirely handmade. He’s also my favorite decoration – I love the slight grimace on his face (that’s what attracted me to him in the first place!) that most of us feel during the holiday season.

Elsewhere.I love the “ice” covered grapevine wreath that’s hanging over the door to my hall closet. When I first bought it a few years ago I left it out year-round. The Merry star that adorns the door to my garage was a super great deal last year at Target the 26th! This little rolly-poly Santa that sits on my end table is my most fun piece! As you should be able to tell by now, I love vintage Christmas pieces and he fits the bill nicely.


Monogrammed Candy Gift Boxes.

I started baking last night – Honey Ginger Snaps for those of you interested – and packing the cookies up for shipping to Pennsylvania ahead of my departure (until then they’re in the freezer). I’m sticking to large Gladware containers that I can pack up nice and full and that will keep things as fresh as possible.

I’m not giving cookies to friends and family here this year, but when I saw these monogrammed candy gift boxes I really, really wished I were! Modeled after packages from a Parisian confectionery shop, they’re made of sturdy, stain-resistant paper stock accented with scalloped edging and decorative borders. Your gold-embossed monogram even appears on the lid flap. So classy!


Round Up: Christmas Cards.

I was trying to hold off on this Christmas Card Round Up for as long as possible because I keep seeing more fantastic designs each and every day. But I thought I’d better get it posted before everyone’s cards have already been stamped and sent! Well what are you waiting for? Take a look!