Happy {Valentine’s Day} Weekend.

+ A pretty Valentine’s Day garland using ready-made materials

+ Grrrrrrreat pirate valentines (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

+ My GreatFull guest post (RE: snow)

+ I made this chicken chili for the Super Bowl and whoa (It’s even better the next day!)

+ With Alice in Wonderland on the horizon, why not make your own Cheshire Cat?

+ Loads of lovely + free Valentine ephemera

+ Printable conversation candy bar wrappers

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Weekend!


Last Minute Valentines.

And by last minute I mean can you believe that all of these are free for you to download and print? I’m not even kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you.


Valentine’s Day Sweets.

To me Valentine’s Day is all about handmade and homemade. I insist on making my valentines instead of buying them and the same goes for any treats. With the exception of candy. Here are a few different sweets I’ve got my eye on.


For Your Valentine.

Every year I say how I’m not a big believer in Valentine’s Day. And every year I fall a little further into the trap that is February 14th. Here are a few things I’ve spotted recently that I think would make great gifts. The kind that someone keeps around until they’re 85. The kind that are sure to bring fabulous stories with them wherever they go.


Happy Weekend.

How do you plan on spending your weekend? Tonight I’ll be going to a local benefit, Raising Haiti 2.0. If you’re in Oklahoma you should plan on stopping by, all proceeds are headed straight to Haiti.

+ A little birdie told me about these sweet valentines for you to download

+ Feeling bored with your tableware? Customize it.

+ I’m see this jewelry bust project in my future

+ Sweet lip + moustache lollipops to hand out on the 14th

+ Want to know what makes me happy?

+ And I think these rainbow pancakes would make us all happy!

+ Your search for cute black flats is officially over.

+ Nonpariel magazine is live! (Isn’t that best name??)

+ Pretty desktop wallpapers to welcome in your February 1, 2

Happy Weekend!

PS: You have until Monday morning at 9am CST to enter the Postal Press giveaway for a shot at winning 100 silhouette business cards!