Triangles Angles


ROW 1: Triangle Trolley from Project Decor // Triangles Scarf from Bobo Choses // Triangles Tea Towel from LEIF    ROW 2: A3 Multi-Triangles from seventy tree // Hippe Pannenlappen Set from Indie-ish    ROW 3: Pyramid Pendant Necklace from A-Thread // Golden Gate Linen Dress from The Gorman Shop // Corner Table by George Nakashima    ROW 4: Faceted Triangle Stud Earrings from Charlotte Russe // Twin Triangle T-Shirt from Chic Nova // Les Tri-Angles from Papier Tigre


Anorak Trunks


I grew up with a large steamer trunk (my dad’s) for a toy box, later in life I owned a few super cheap versions for summer’s at camp. None looked anything like these, but Anorak’s steamer trunks make me happy. They’re canvas-coated, and the deer pattern could make a nice little home at the bottom of my bed for linen storage.




October DIYs

As the holidays edge ever closer, the DIY gods smile down upon us ever often. Or such is the case so far this month. There have been more creative DIYs than I can keep track of, but these ten have stuck in my mind. Have you seen any great projects lately? 

Click on the image to be take to the tutorial.












Happy Weekend

01/ Make a modern DIY playhouse!
02/ Doilies + driftwood.
03/ Turning stubby old pencils into fun toys.
04/ The couple I saw spooning on the gate floor at McCarren Airport this week needed the Blandito.
05/ Matchbook is all about bikinis and books and pairing the two together.
06/ Fabric-covered soccer balls.
07/ A multicolor sprinkler that paints rainbows.
08/ Water tower turned townhouse.
09/ Preciously tiny, these Olympian Meals are representative of what a few athletes actually eat.
10/ Smart folding Piegato shelves.


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: paperbrigade

01/ a super simple way to display your magazines
02/ ingenius lemon juice sprayer
03/ 12 bottles every home bar should have
04/ planetary chocolates of the solar system
05/ love this artwork/secret storage box
06/ make your mason jar glass a travel mug
07/ cat questions answered in song
08/ modern DIY pasta art/jewelry
09/ learn how to make graphic paper pencils
10/ make an iPad case from a notebook


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Gabriela Da Costa

01/ a papercraft nativity set to print and assemble
02/ the most attractive way to store firewood – ever
03/ I like big buns and I cannot lie
04/ this paper tree looks so fun
05/ gorgeous agate windows
06/ magic beans to keep your coffee warm longer!
07/ great gift idea for a cook
08/ make hot cocoa ornaments


Happy Weekend


01/ looking forward to hoarding apples and making these apple ring fritters
02/ a mini version of this garden wall would look so good on a back porch or patio
03/ this hanger shelf is a brilliant use of space
04/ pretty DIY thread-wrapped hair combs
05/ Joy knows how to throw a cat a birthday party
06/ off-the-wall silkscreened paper masks
07/ typeface birdhouses!
08/ help the wildfire relief efforts in central Texas with these graphic tees
09/ all receipts should be this beautifully organized
10/ make an ombre denim button-up shirt


Where else I’ve been this week:
01/ In Honor of the Ice Cream Cone
02/ DIY Newspaper Gift Bags
03/ DIY Faux Zinc Letters
04/ Make It: Paper Pumpkins for Fall