National Pancake Day.

I nearly forgot to post this – it’s National Pancake Day!!! Everyone knows that breakfast food trumps all others, so in honor of this most blessed day I bestow upon you Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. These babies just may be dinner tonight.


Cherry Limeade Cupcakes.

The high today is 78º which seems ridiculous for early February. (Not to mention that tomorrow it’s only supposed to make it up to 32º with a chance of snow!) Today’s weather has got me thinking about car rides with the windows down, grilling out and summer drinks. One of the best things is a limeade from Sonic when the mercury starts to climb, so I was thrilled when I came across this recipe for Cherry Limeade Cupcakes a few weeks ago at Never Bashful With Butter. Can’t wait to try them out and this may just be the day.


Homemade Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas.

That splendid time of year is once again upon us and by that I of course mean Girl Scout cookie time. It’s always a tough decision for me. Do I order a few extra boxes for bad days? Do I order some to freeze? The one thing I am aware of when that order sheet hit my hot little hands is that I’ll be getting Samoas and Thin Mints. But now I can make homemade Samoas when it’s not that glorious time of year and don’t have to agonize quite so much about what to order.

:: via not martha


Boston Brown Bread.

I have great memories of Boston brown bread as a kid. There was a restaurant in my hometown in Pennsylvania that always served you a slice when you ordered a salad. I’d slather it with butter or cream cheese and slowly devour the molasses and raisin-filled delight. I’ve never actively searched for a recipe to make it before, but just happened to trip across this one last week. It’s a little complicated to make (it involves steaming!) and is actually more of a traditional pudding than bread I found out. Beware that if you do decide to try the recipe that the bread itself doesn’t keep very long, so eat it up fast. Which wouldn’t be a problem in my house…


Lime Curd and Sour Cream Cake.

I know several people who have issues with curd (mainly because it’s a gross word), but this Lime Curd and Sour Cream Cake looks ridiculously delicious. I wish my Magic Fairy Chef would whip one of these up for me ASAP. Actually, I’m just wishing I had a Magic Fairy Chef in general.