Party Pairings

Invitation: Quail Creative – Cake: Real Simple

Possibilities: graduation party, engagement shindig, summer birthday


Invitation: Mr. Laurence by Moglea for minted – Cake: Hummingbird Cake by Desserts for Breakfast

Possibilities: casual wedding, anniversary or engagement party


Invitation: Jenny Pennywood – Cake: Jenny Huang Photography

Possibilities: summer cookout, family reunion, shower


Invitation: Painted Chalkboard by ellothere – Cake: Real Simple

Possibilites: wedding, milestone birthday


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Jennilee Marigomen


01.  love these tie-on birthday crowns
02.  I need some neon in my spring wardrobe
03.  a little morbid, but some of us want to be modern even in death
04.  I’m awful at making lunch, looking forward to trying some of these recipes
05.  make a hanging gutter garden (then say that three times fast)
06.  yeah, I could shack up in this treehouse
07.  make your own Peeps + Cadbury Eggs (there’s even a deviled version!)
08.  I like the idea of a skewer station next to the grill
09.  cloud doughnuts
10.  a brilliant paper record player invitation from Kelli Anderson

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Happy Weekend.

Gabriela Da Costa

+ Filing this Bicycle Drawing Machine under Wish I’d Thought of That

+ December desktop love: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+ These watercolor holiday invites are lovely. And free.

+ I’m ready to hightail it to Caboodle Ranch.

+ A fantastic garland roundup.

+ Scheming with these prank gift boxes!

+ In love with this winter wedding.

+ If my cards weren’t written out, this holiday card download would be the way to go.

+ It’s cold outside, but these Maple & Squash Pumpkin Pie Popsicles look incredible.

+ My favorite advent calendar!

Happy Weekend!


The Life Aquatic Inspired Invitations.

I’ve had the chance to befriend a lot of talented people thanks to this blog, one of which has been fellow OKC-dweller Kathleen Shannon. And, well, she’s amazing. Both as a designer and as a friend. (See that Design Crush logo up there? Yeah, she did it.) We happen to share a love of Wes Anderson movies, so when I heard she was designing a wedding invitation inspired by The Life Aquatic I started salivating at the idea. She’s lovely enough to allow me to share it with you first, right here right now. And because no one describes their work better than the artist, I give you the story behind the invitation suite in Kathleen’s own words.

Vanessa contacted me for custom wedding invitations after she stumbled across my portfolio on my blog. She and her fiance George met in Iraq working for the Department of State and love traveling. They are huge Wes Anderson fans, love maps, and giant squids. Sounds odd and quirky – so of course it was right up my alley. They had lots of fun requests – along with a giant squid on the invite they also wanted to include pi (you know, mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space), Par Avion written in Persian somewhere, and a map with important places to the couple highlighted. It’s not everyday you get requests like this from a bride and I was more than happy to oblige. Overall, Vanessa and George wanted the invite to spark a bit of curiosity in its recipients and I was up for the design challenge.

The Life Aquatic is one of my favorite movies of all time so I used that as my primary source of inspiration. I wanted the invitation typography to feel like opening credits and the RSVP tag to feel like a baggage claim tag. We utilized a limited color-palette of emerald and aqua with a few pops of orange. I managed to include all the requested elements without making the suite feel too cluttered – I think what we came away with was a layered and positively curious collection.

PS: To see more of Kathleen’s invitation work check out her site!


Satomi Kawakita.

You know how sometimes you’re just going about your own business, browsing through your reader, and you happen across something that’s so you it leaves your jaw hanging open. This ring could not be more me if it tried.


Happy Weekend.

{The devil’s crayon}

+ I love these DIY flower bulb favors.

+ Yesterday I shared some out of the ordinary wedding rings over on Oh, hello friend.

+ I also answered a few questions for Annie at Poetic + Chic.

+ More Halloween cards + invitations.

+ I’ve been wanting to paint some Mason jars, so this DIY is perfect timing!

+ Sad I didn’t think of this idea when I moved into my first apartment.

+ Every designer, actually every human, needs to read these words from Milton Glaser.

+ Wowed by these courtroom sketches.

+ Web designers rejoice and meet the Gridulator!

+ I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Baked’s second cookbook.

+ WANT: these Maple Candied Apples in my face.

+ One more reason I need to my ass to NYC: FoodParc.

+ Did you know you can visit illustrator Edward Gorey’s house?

+ Looking for a reason to make + wear a fall leaf mask.

+ New garb for your desktop 1, 2

Happy Weekend!