Chocolate Jug.

It’s the perfect time of year for the chocolate jug. The manual blender mixes the chocolate (powder or crushed pieces) and milk producing just the right amount of frothiness. Sounds like chocolatey goodness to me.



Momspit (inspired by the original). Yup, you read that correctly. I’m not big on hand sanitizers, but this is too cool. It doesn’t contain any alcohol (and isn’t techinically a sanitizer) so it’s safe to use anywhere – even your face. It even moisturizes which I think is my big pet peeve about most hand sanitizers – they dry my skin out like crazy. This I would buy for the name alone. Well, and to pull out when someone has something on their face (“Ooooh, let me get that, dear!). The scents seem amazing: fig/green tea, lemon/white tea and unscented.


On the Rocks: Blackberry Widow.

With this cocktail I’m introducing a new weekly post to Design Crush. On the Rocks will showcase a new drink each and every Wednesday. (You know, the point in the week where you definitely need to toss one back at the end of the day after work!) I’m constantly on the prowl for my next favorite and thought it might be fun to share and include you all in the fun. So now I give to you the Halloween appropriate Blackberry Widow.

– 1 part vodka
– 2 parts dark grape juice
– 1 teaspoon of raw sugar
– 4 slices of fresh ginger
– 4 blackberries
Garnish: 2 blackberries

In a mixing glass, muddle together blackberries, ginger and sugar, add vodka and dark grape juice. Fill with ice, shake well, and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with 2 blackberries.

:: photo and recipe via Cocktail Times


Crackpot Weekly Calendar.

The 2008 Crackpot Calendar features a selection of awesome illustrations. Each calendar page showcases a new image – one per week from a total of fifty-six. There are two options for display – from the wall or propped on a desk. I love it because who wants to wait an entire month before changing the calendar? Lovely idea and execution.



Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 is a non-profit project of the Women’s Alliance which uses sales revenue to help provide professional attire and career skills training to low-income women seeking employment in the Miami area. As if that’s not enough, they also hope to give back to the community. They plan to do so by creating a store that is unlike any other resale and consignment store on the market today: with a modern and distinctive merchandising plan and a unique store layout, brand and atmosphere. Chapter 2 will be designed to look, feel and be different than any other out there. Click here if you’re in the Miami area and want to know how to help out.

This is an incredible project in and of itself, but what makes it go above and beyond in my eyes is the astounding design put into it by Minneapolis design firm Mono. They successfully took a project, albeit done before, and turned it into something eye-catching and attention grabbing. And also versatile: the Chapter 2 logo stickers used for stationary, hang tags, etc can be placed anywhere to make every piece of Chapter 2 individual and distinct.


And Fork.

And Fork: 100 Designers, 10 Curators, 10 Good Designs presents 100 of the most exceptional product designers that have recently emerged on the scene, as well as 1,000 color illustrations of hundreds of innovative products created by them. Objects including chairs, lighting, footwear, kitchen accessories and electronics provide the newest developments in the design world. Recent trends in design are revealed, such as concerns with social responsibility and the ethics of design, new product design that caters to our increasing dependence on portable and personal technology, and a rise in collaboration between young designers. Each designer’s work is displayed on four pages that include photographs, technical drawings and text written on why the designer’s work has been chosen.