Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

You’d think that after Thanksgiving and all the dessert-y goodness that goes with it that I’d be tired of sweets. Let’s see, there was the Chocolate and Cranberry Cake with Rummy Whipped Cream, the Honey Bun Cake and the award-winning Molasses-Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Brown Sugar Glaze. Then at work there were the most amazing homemade cinnamon rolls and the best chocolate chip pecan cookies that I’ve ever tasted. But yeah, I’m not tired of sugar in the least. Maybe at this point I’ve just built up a Sugar Tolerance to go with my Caffeine Tolerance and need it!

These pumpkin whoopie pies look drool-worthy. Maybe I’ll make a batch this weekend while watching Oklahoma beats the crap out of Missouri in the Big XII Championship. Boomer Sooner!


Hat Love.

I accidentally stumbled upon this great khaki hat during lunch and love it. Check out the cheeky upturned brim and great khaki-green color!!! I’ve been on the hunt for something similar and this would make a great Christmas gift (hint, hint).


Clip-Art Calendar.

Leave it to The Martha to come up with a downloadable (is that even a word?) clip-art desk calendar. Well-designed since we would expect nothing less from her. Tip: Print it at 85% to get it to fit into the jewel case properly.

For those of you who harbor a secret (or not so secret) obsession with desk calendars like me, I’ve been updating the Round Up: 2008 Calendars as I fall in love with more and more.


Graphic Bowls.

At first I thought these graphic bowls from Urban Outfitters were surely melamine, but they’re actually heavy ceramic with graphics applied to the inside. Really fun and cheap at four for $15

:: via Design Happens



Garnish is all about packaging of the moment. Providing those special little touches that make something unforgettable. Their gift packaging products are blank canvases that you customize to fit your personality. And if you’re lacking the creative bug no worries, they’ll get you started with some inspiration, too. And during the holidays who can’t use a little help?


Round Up: Advent Calendars.

Advent calendars are about to be brought out tomorrow for the Official Countdown to commence. Growing up I had one every single year. It was always different, but always hung on the same closet door, gradually being raised higher and higher up each year as I grew. Coming downstairs to head off to school in the mornings was always made a little better during the holidays because of its presence.

My advent calendars were only ever the kind where you popped open a door to reveal some piece of the bigger picture, but these days there’s so much more out there. Some are up for grabs, some are projects in themselves, one is even a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. But all are some of my favorites that I’ve come across this season.

Advent in a Box

Advent Calendar Box

Perpetual Advent Calendar

Greeting Card Advent Calendar

Paper Advent Box

12 Days of Christmas Countdown Calendar


Acrylic Tree.

I’m sort of loving this acrylic tree for the holidays by designer Aaron R. Thomas. I think the almost invisible acrylic would really make your ornaments *pop*. The silver balls they use sort of blend in to me and it seems color would make all the difference in the world. There’s a three foot and six foot version of the tree, but they are limited editions, so if you’re thinking of snatching one up for the holidays better do it fast!


Lillholmen Triple Hook.

Next time I hit up IKEA I’m definitely grabbing up a few of these Lillholmen triple hooks. I think they may be the answer I’ve been searching for to organize some of my jewelry. I’d been looking for a necklace tree, but think I like this idea better because some of my necklaces are quite long and the trees tend to not be tall enough. I’m pumped.


Blossa Glogg.

Blossa Glogg (aka vintage mulled wine) launches an annual edition every holiday season with a new flavor and bottle design.The brilliant minds at BVD came up with a fantastic solution to make the product both highly collected and covetable: keep the bottle shape the same while changing up the type and colors to reflect the year’s design and flavor. Apparently Blossa has had some excellent results – the past two years it sold out in the first two weeks.

:: via Old Glutton