Kate Pugsley.

Kate Pugsley’s art is amazing. I adore the color palette she uses. Everything feels so beautifully whimsical, yet approachable. Maybe even a bit like what you’d find hanging on the walls of some long-forgotten child’s bedroom. I love that. Make yourself smile by checking out her store and her site.


Sunny Arm Chair.

Warm sun on my face, cold beer in my hand, adorable cafe chairs in my back yard. Could it be true? Yes, if you add a few Sunny Arm Chairs that are a kicked-up version of the sidewalk classic the world over. I’ll take four in yellow. Thank you.


Mad Props: March.

It’s that time again… a roundup of my favorites of the month. Enjoy Mad Props: March!



I’m loving Naomi Murrell’s sweet little shop, simply called Naomi. It’s filled with fun, bright designs that I can’t get enough of. And I have to say that I also love the way she photographs her pieces – each one is a little study in color!

:: via Creature Comforts


And the Winner is: Courtney Khail Stationery.

Congratulations whateverzellar! Email me your mailing information (designcrushing@gmail.com) and I’ll pass it on to Courtney who will start on your set of zinnias.

And if you didn’t win, check out Courtney Khail Stationery and pick up a set of cards for yourself. Of course a BIG THANKS to Courtney for being so generous as to pass on a set of her stunning handpainted cards.

Thanks for entering – all 117 of you. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for another giveaway that I’m on pins and needles waiting to announce!