Top 10 Picks From Our Joss & Main Event


Photos © Bonnie Tsang  Images via Joss & Main

I’m popping in with a rare weekend post because we’re moving into the homestretch of our Urban Decor themed sale on Joss & Main! With over 100 handpicked items (from moi) to choose from, it just wouldn’t be fair not to share my favorites…




A few of my original favorites are already sold out – you people have amazing taste! – but it was easy to find replacements because I honestly want it all. Everything in my sale skews toward mid-century modern, but that doesn’t mean a piece or two wouldn’t fit into your space. No matter the style. When everything in a room feels too matchy it can get boring, the only real requirement for making something work is loving it!

01/ Branson Hamper
02/ Ikat Throw
03/ Atom Floor Mirror
04/ Duncan Sofa
05/ Lori Bookcase
06/ Gopala Pillow
07/ Meyer Tea Kettle
08/ Idle Arm Chair
09/ Setay Table Lamp
10/ Messina Coffee Table

Be sure and pop over to the sale before Monday morning when it closes, and also take a peek at Joss & Main’s blog Plume where there’s a little post about Design Crush and my fast and loose design rules.


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush


01/ Lovely, weird, and wonderful Tilda Swinton strikes again with The Maybe.
02/ I want to hop across this giant concrete keyboard!
03/ A mesmerizing video that explains the basics of DNA.
04/ Toy Stories – photos of children around the world posing with their favorite possessions.
05/ Super detailed visual breakdown of the instrumentation of Beatles’ songs.
06/ Beautiful reefs and landscapes made from paper.
07/ A self-generating digital camera.
08/ Love this infographic, The World as 100 People.
09/ Type Fight!
10/ A wooden bicycle – wheels and all.


The week in review:
An Easter Lunch
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Triangles Angles
Taste Tour: Sara Sara Cupcakes
Stone Framed Sunglasses
Word Range
Our Joss & Main Curated Sale Event is Live!





Peanut spent most of the month hiding out under the bedcovers. My wonderful friend Jaime gifted me two of her incredible line drawings! The Day Designer from Whitney English has effectively changed my life (she can never stop printing them). I taught the dogs about the joy of eating peanut butter straight from the jar. We celebrated my stepdad’s birthday – some more enthusiastically than others! Oklahoma sunsets never fail to make me catch my breath. My dear friend Carina sent me this Piper look-a-like postcard! I planted all of my porch pots earlier than ever, thanks to a photoshoot. Bebe finally learned how great it is to sit still and be scratched. Have you ever tried graham crackers with sharp white cheddar? (Do it.) Peanut got up close and personal with my phone. I’ve started to make my home office legit, starting with a filing cabinet.


Our Joss & Main Curated Sale Event is Live!


Joss&Main-1-Design Crush

Photos © Bonnie Tsang  Images via Joss & Main

You might’ve noticed that our second post for the day is a bit late, but we have a good reason. Design Crush’s Urban Decor Curators Collection with Joss & Main is kicking off as of right now! Huzzah!


Joss&Main-2-Design Crush

A lot of my inspiration came from the loft Apartment 34‘s Erin Hiemstra first moved into when she and her husband relocated from Seattle. Erin has an amazing eye and the clean lines, neutral palette, and mix of textures sucked me right in.


Joss&Main-3-Design Crush

The beautiful shots of Erin’s loft were taking by photographer extraordinaire Bonnie Tsang. Thanks so much to both of these lovely ladies for allowing us access to the incredible photography and inspiring space!


Joss&Main-Design Crush

Our sale will be live for three days only, so hop on it fast! You have until Sunday, March 31st at 11am EST. If you’re not already a Joss & Main member and want to skip the wait you can do just that by clicking right here. Happy shopping!


Word Range

Word Range-1-Design Crush


I’m loving the simplicity of Keith Brymer Jones’ Word Range series of contemporary tableware. Modern, clean designs with a typewriter-style stamped word. It’s safe to say that this collection lives happily at the conjunction of form and function.


Word Range-2-Design Crush


Word Range3-Design Crush


Word Range-4-Design Crush


Taste Tour: Sara Sara Cupcakes


Photos © Caroline Cohenour 

I’ve been a lover of Sara Sara Cupcakes since their doors opened, in fact they’re my favorite cupcakery in all of Oklahoma City. They’ve mastered what few have: the perfect ratio of cake to icing. That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge to me. Too much icing and the cake is overshadowed, too little and things can get dry. It’s a fine balance if I’ve ever seen one!

(I’d be remiss not to mention one of the most important parts of Sara Sara Cupcakes, their namesake. Read Sara Brinson’s story here.)




Sara Sara’s home base (they have a few other locations throughout the city) is in a simple two story house in Midtown. It can seem unassuming, but once you walk through the front door you’re greeted with an explosion of modern white decor. Not only is it fresh, but also a great backdrop for the colorful cupcakes. During warm weather there’s a perfect wooden porch to catch up on with friends, and a super duper smart astroturf front yard with chairs for lounging.




Sara Sara’s menu features 26+ rotating flavors, those available are individually displayed in small lucite boxes on the wall. I’m holding my breath until Mother’s Day when my #1 favorite – Blackberry Maple – comes back to town.




We started out with six cupcakes (which soon expanded to 8 thanks to the amazing gal on duty), a few new and a few tried and true. You can probably tell from the table above that these are no average-sized cupcakes, each one is about the size of a teacup and I was both excited and terrified at the prospect of taking them on.




Just one more stop before cupcake heaven – the milk bar! Grab a frosted glass from the freezer next to the udders then choose from white, strawberry, or chocolate milk. Or get a little crazy and mix ’em up. (Pardon my weird-looking hand?!)




First up is the Crimson and Cream. A classic red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and topped with chocolate shavings. (Don’t you love the teardrop-shaped plates and small forks each cupcake is served with??)




Strawberry is Sara Sara’s best seller and it’s easy to see why. Strawberry cake with extra creamy strawberry frosting and a few slices of the fresh stuff on top, if I had to choose one flavor to represent comfort food this would definitely be the one.




Sir Elton John was a new flavor for me and was out of this world. A cakey cherry cheesecake with cream cheese frosting, crushed graham crackers, and cherries. (There was no way we could polish off every cupcake, and this one was my favorite leftover the next day!)




Blueberry Honey is the equivalent of a breakfast cupcake. Fluffy blueberry cake, buttercream frosting laced with honey, and a perfect blueberry perched on top!




The Sheriff was another Sara Sara specialty that I had never tried before our Taste Tour (and the only one that legitimately required a fork!). It’s simple and brilliant all at the same time – chocolate cake filled with vanilla custard and drenched in ganache. Like a tiny Boston Creme Pie!




I even discovered a new favorite, the PB&J! Vanilla cake, a layer of grape jelly, peanut butter icing, and a coating of crushed peanuts. The combination of textures was perfectly amazing.




We were sooo rolly poly by the end of the afternoon that there’s no photo of the Carmello other than this one, that’s it in the lower lefthand corner. Vanilla cake, a marshmallowy icing, and caramel drizzle. I may or may not have eaten the rest of this one over the sink at 11pm that night… the perfect day!




Sara Sara Cupcakes
7 NW 9th St. | Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | (405) 600-9494
17 E 5th St. | Edmond, OK 73013 | (405) 216-3562



Ceramica Botanica-1-Design Crush


Susan Rodriguez’s CeramicaBotanica collection is everything you could want from someone with 20 years experience working with clay. Each piece is handmade by Susan in her San Antonio backyard studio using earthenware clay and colorful slips. Most are one of a kind, food safe, and made to be used in your kitchen on a daily basis. I love the bold patterns and use of color!


Ceramica Botanica-2-Design Crush


Ceramica Botanica-3-Design Crush


Triangles Angles


ROW 1: Triangle Trolley from Project Decor // Triangles Scarf from Bobo Choses // Triangles Tea Towel from LEIF    ROW 2: A3 Multi-Triangles from seventy tree // Hippe Pannenlappen Set from Indie-ish    ROW 3: Pyramid Pendant Necklace from A-Thread // Golden Gate Linen Dress from The Gorman Shop // Corner Table by George Nakashima    ROW 4: Faceted Triangle Stud Earrings from Charlotte Russe // Twin Triangle T-Shirt from Chic Nova // Les Tri-Angles from Papier Tigre


Tips&Tricks: Blogging



This month I’m sharing tips & tricks on one of the things I know best, blogging. Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran there’s always something to learn. And we’ve got it all – design, coding, social media and more. Have something you rely on that’s missing? Leave it in the comments, we’re hungry for knowledge!


01/ Tips for building a bright + successful blogging brand.
02/ 50 online tools to better your blog.
03/ Blog design resources for 2013.
04/ The how of effective homepages.
05/ A social media size cheat sheet.
06/ An HTML cheat sheet list of HTML tags.
07/ The top 9 social networks for business.
08/ Your blog post promotion checklist.
09/ Do you know the best way to engage your users?
10/ Why brands with consistent messaging are worth more.
11/ How to write the perfect blog post.
12/ Tax tips for bloggers and small businesses.
13/ 10 blog layout tips.
14/ How to work with a designer.
15/ Social media dos and don’ts.
16/ 7 Google Analytics metrics you should monitor.
17/ 5 legal concerns for small creative businesses.
18/ 15 minutes to a better blog: Free Resources.
19/ Beautiful minimalist WordPress themes.
20/ Top 10 tips for food blogging.
21/ 99 ways to increase blog traffic.
22/ A free printable blog planner to get organized.
23/ Get to know your readers.
24/ 18 blogging tips.
25/ Editing and saving blog photos for the web.