STACT-1-Design Crush


I’ve seen a lo-ot of modular wine storage systems, they’re popular and we all know it. What I haven’t seen is a minimalist modular wine system that’s been done as well as STACT. The panels come in seven different colors, so you can mix and match and add to the system as your collection grows. The end result can end up looking like an incredible art installation in its own right, all while freeing up precious counter space.


STACT-2-Design Crush

STACT-3-Design Crush




Heeeyyy, Oklahoma City! Saturday, October 26th I’ll be speaking at Confluence, a conference celebrating OKC’s bloggers and digital influencers. Because you know what? We’ve got a lot of them. Confluence was created by David Christopher (an Oklahoman by way of Britain, funnily enough) as a way to bring us all together to meet, mingle, and learn from one another. Such a simple yet brilliant premise that I can’t wait to be a part of. I’ll be talking about growing your online community, but you can check out the whole Confluence lineup of speakers right here. If you’re in the OKC area and want to attend you can register here, use the code earlybird when doing so before October 12th for $10 off. Can’t wait to see you all at the end of the month.


Woodland Creatures Masks

Wood Creature Masks-2-Design Crush


With Halloween being just over a month away costumes and disguises are on everyone’s minds. These colorful and creative woodland creatures masks from Keely O’Brien of (kiss me)go are so good (as is her entire shop). Each mask is a print of an original collage made of sturdy card and cotton twine. Choose from a sweet old owl, a galactic wolf, a gentle black bear, a trickster coyote, and an elegant fox.


Wood Creature Masks-3-Design Crush

Wood Creature Masks-4-Design Crush

Wood Creature Masks-1-Design Crush


Paola Navone Collection for Crate&Barrel

Paola Navone for Crate&Barrel-1-Design Crush


Paola Navone’s collection for Crate and Barrel have me daydreaming of the coast. Any coast. Platters full of fresh seafood, bowls brimming with just-picked vegetables, and glasses full of chilled wine. Choose from three distinct looks. The Como Collection, covered in painterly blues and inspired by Morocco, Turkey, and the Mediterranean. The Mallorca Collection, featuring white porcelain and zigzags reminiscent of flower petals and shells. And the Riviera Collection, with hints of turquoise and the look of the 1950s on the French Riviera. I mean really, no matter what you just can’t go wrong.


Paola Navone for Crate&Barrel-2-Design Crush

Paola Navone for Crate&Barrel-3-Design Crush