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October is my favorite month of the year, and it inevitable screws me over. It’s like a bad ex that I keep going back to year after year. 2013 was no different, but the second half at least threw me a bone to come back in 2014.

I found an old stash of senior pictures – definitely a case of baby face in the left one. The dogs have decided they much prefer a $50 hypoallergenic pillow on the couch to either a dog bed or blanket. Figures! I finally had the garage sale that’s been five years in the making, and I couldn’t be happier it’s over. (More on that later.) Took a fast weekend trip home to Pennsylvania and couldn’t not stop at my favorite hometown bakery. Three days later I was in sunny Palm Springs, CA soaking up some sun with a few of my favorite ladies. I also attended Camp Mighty and added a few photobooth strips to my ever-growing collection! Then it was back home to play a serious game of catch up and get some Bebe cuddles in.


Happy Halloween!

School For Witches-Design Crush

PHOTO: School for Witches

Happy my favorite day of the year to you! Tonight I’ll be lighting a fire and lots of candles inside the house, playing some (hidden) scary music on the porch, and handing out plenty of candy. And I might wear a witches hat, too.


Erin Considine AW2013

Erin Considine AW2013-1-Design Crush


Erin Considine consistently creates out of the box, well-designed jewelry. She mixes materials like no one else and has a knack for choosing great colors time and time again. I’d love to mix her AW2013 collection with chunky sweaters and cocktail dresses!


Erin Considine AW2013-2-Design Crush





Erin Considine AW2013-3-Design Crush


Bloggers Love Cats + Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project

Bloggers Love-1-Design Crush


I couldn’t be more excited to finally reveal a little something I’ve been working on for the past month – Bloggers Love Cats and Bloggers Love Dogs: A Calendar Fundraising Project!

This was one of those ideas that came to me in the minutes before falling asleep one night, that I somehow magically managed to remember the next morning without having written down. That idea was to reach out to the incredible network of bloggers I’m a part of to create two calendars that would feature our much loved pets, with all proceeds going directly to The Humane Society of the United States. I decided to make both calendars downloads instead of printed in order to give every last dollar to the animals. You can choose from Bloggers Love Cats or Bloggers Love Dogs for $7 each or pick up both for $12!


Bloggers Love-2-Design Crush

Bloggers Love Cats features 13-months of felines from Sugar and Cloth, Joy the Baker, Design Crush, And Kathleen (also our cover model), Cupcakes and Cashmere, Paper & Stitch, Justina Blakeney, Fieldguided, Oh So Beautiful Paper, For Me, For You, TeenAngster, Lisa Congdon, and Jojotastic.


Bloggers Love-4-Design Crush

Bloggers Love-3-Design Crush

Bloggers Love-5-Design Crush


Bloggers Love-6-Design Crush

If canines are more your thing check out 13-months of Bloggers Love Dogs! Included are the pooches of Smith & Ratliff, sfgirlbybay (our cover girl!), Design Milk, House of Brinson, Cookie and Kate, Style & Pepper, The Broke-Ass Bride, Design Crush, Honey Kennedy, Dog Milk, Lisa Congdon, bigBANG studio, and Jojotastic.


Bloggers Love-7-Design Crush

Bloggers Love-8-Design Crush

Bloggers Love-9-Design Crush


Autumn Hellos

With the holidays just around the corner you might be wondering why I’d share a roundup of cards, so let me explain. Holiday cards are bit expected, mid-autumn cards are not. It’s a sweet way to let someone know you’re thinking about them before the madness of late November through early January strikes hard and fast, or to thank someone for a generosity before you get wrapped up in the season yourself. Snail mail always wins!



ROW 1: The Communicate Notecard Set by Olive and the Volcano Letterpress // You & Me, Friends Forever by Whimsy Whimsical // Greetings Notecards by The First Snow    ROW 2: Thank You Citrus Cards by Bears Eat Berries // Greetings, Dear Friend Cards by Honey & Bloom    ROW 3: Whales Box Set by Enormous Champion // What Up Notecard Set by LEIF // Night Light by Red Cap Cards


Laia Arqueros

Laia Arqueros-1-Design Crush


Illustrator Laia Arqueros and his distinctly inspired creations are just what the doctor ordered this Tuesday morning. I love a bright, colorful palette but appreciate a muted, more monochrome look just as much and Arqueros has such a talent for it. My favorite is Watermelon, seen above.


Laia Arqueros-2-Design Crush


Laia Arqueros-3-Design Crush


Wave and Picket

Wave + Picket-2-Design Crush


Tiles can either be traditional and boring or fresh and interesting, there’s not really a lot of middle ground to be covered. Fireclay Tile recently released two new designs in their Debris series – Wave and Picket – that fall squarely (no pun intended) into the second category. Wave captures the feel of the undulating Pacific Ocean while Picket  transforms the iconic pattern into a bold, geometric design. Both use up to 70% recycled materials that are sourced with 200 miles of their Northern California factory – not only is that good for the environment, but it also results in one of the hardest tiles available.


Wave + Picket-1-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Interlocking coins fit together to form complex sculptures.
02/ A glowing tower of chairs in Toronto.
03/ Large scale murals made of thousands of tiny objects.
04/ A complex kitchen photographed from above.
05/ Loving this sculptural installation of bicycles over a French canal!
06/ Endangered animal sculptures made out of hunting jackets.
07/ Burgers, a web page full of them to play around with!
08/ Pro Bono Promo, logos created using the products they represent.
09/ Died in House, a site dedicated to telling you if someone kicked the bucket in yours.
10/ Touching Strangers, photos of complete strangers posing with one another.

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Can Vase


Can Vase

Can Vase-1-Design Crush


Multi-functional is where it’s at! I’m loving this brass Can Vase that features three changeable caps. Each one can help you achieve the best arrangement for the type of flowers you’re working with thanks to its cleverly shaped openings.


Can Vase-2-Design Crush


Can Vase-3-Design Crush