Tips&Tricks: Being Green


I don’t know about you, but I try to consistently add green ways of living to my day to day on a regular basis. Some things are easier than others, but it’s always worth it. Here are some tips&tricks (and a few products) that can go a long way.


10 easy secrets to greening your house.

30 items to avoid composting + recycling.

Make your own compost bin.

30 green beauty finds.

Using natural fabric dyes.

DIY cleaning products.

Natural homemade wood polish.

DIY living wall projects for your home.



Marbelous Wood

Marbelous Wood-1-Design Crush


Oh, hey there – I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop staring at these images of Marbelous Wood. It’s crazy good, right?? Pernille Snedker uses a repurposed marbling technique from old book covers to give wood this incredible look. Produced one drop of color at a time, ring by ring, the pattern is constructed on the water surface. The final result being a reflection of the annual rings of wood and a product that can be used on both walls and floors. (via Mint)


Marbelous Wood-2-Design Crush

Marbelous Wood-3-Design Crush



Variopinte-1-Design Crush


In my opinion enamelware doesn’t get enough love. Yes it can chip, and no you can’t put it in the microwave but come on. The colors are always showstoppers and the weighty feel of a piece in your hand can’t be topped. I’m crushing on this dinnerware from Variopinte and the stark white cutlery to match. (via Oh Joy!)


Variopinte-2-Design Crush


Party Prints

Party Prints-1-Design Crush


Barcelona-based freelance illustrator Judy Kaufmann recently release a collection of four Party Prints, each highlighting her love of drawing animals, people, houses, cars, and trees. Judy’s style lends itself well to these colorful pattern-like creations that could find themselves equally at home in a nursery or living room! Pick up one or all four for yourself in Judy Kaufmann’s shop.


Party Prints-2-Design Crush

Party Prints-3-Design Crush

Party Prints-4-Design Crush


Mark Lovejoy

Mark Lovejoy-1-Design Crush


Paintings? Nope. Photographs? Yup. Mark Lovejoy manipulates photographs into these glorious, beautiful images that ripple with energy and color. This is definitely a case of individual interpretation to the max. (Psst… Mark is currently seeking representation!)


Mark Lovejoy-2-Design Crush

Mark Lovejoy-3-Design Crush


All Spooked Up


ROW 1: DIY Crayon Pumpkins // Five Simple Halloween Silhouettes // Boo Banner   ROW 2: Skull String Art // DIY Halloween Bottle Labels // DIY Skeleton Wall Hangings   ROW 3: Halloween Tall Metal Nut Bowl // Bat Wing Decals   ROW 4: Make a Pumpkin Family // Halloween Print Printables // Halloween Cupcake Printables   ROW 5: Halloween Fabric Art // Printable Halloween Party Pack // Printable Retro Halloween Paper Puppets   ROW 6: Skeleton Passion Handlet // Halloween Shadow Puppets // Skull Pancake Molds 



Shannon Finley

Shannon Finley-1-Design Crush

Shannon Finley‘s acrylics on canvas are perfect parts symmetry and reckless abandon. I feel like that’s a decent metaphor for life really, and that’s what Finley’s work is giving me as a takeaway.

Shannon Finley-2-Design Crush

Shannon Finley-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Not a haunted house, rather photos of the walls of the original CBGB.
02/ Yes. That’s an artist who paints by squirting paint out of his eye.
03/ The Planter Chess Set almost makes me want to commit to learning how to play the game.
04/ Sand Prints shows off ancient printing rituals that are created using carved cylinders.
05/ Would you live in this translucent house built around the tree in a forest?
06/ A fully functional handcrafted wooden Vespa!
07/ How about this Cube House?
08/ Photographer Matt Weber has been capturing New York kisses for 30 years.
09/ Forever Bikes uses 3,144 bicycles to create a 3D labyrinth installation.
10/ A photo series that captures every day life with a man and two plastic skeletons.

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Leslie Fandrich

Leslie Fandrich-1-Design Crush


Leslie Fandrich‘s paintings make me happy, plain and simple. Her use of bright color palettes is fantastic, as is her ability to hop between watercolors and acrylics. (Both vastly different to work with, if you’ve never tried.) Leslie’s abstracts leave my emotions swirling and my mind spinning in a very good way. I’m so happy that she’s decided to set up shop.


Leslie Fandrich-2-Design Crush


Leslie Fandrich-3-Design Crush