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This week on Design Crush:
Lotte Maja Bjerre‘s illustrations remind me of a perfectly coiffed geisha’s hairdo.
So many good things waiting to be bought for my home over in Fine Little Day‘s shop!
Iñaki Bergera’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations photo series showcases the beauty of the abandoned.
Such beautiful home goods for keeping and giving from The Vintage Vogue.
I love Anna Hepler‘s rudimentary 3D sculptures so much.
Be sure and try out a few of these 12 October DIYs.
Xuan Chen’s Light Threads is full of bold colors and shapes.
The latest jewelry collection from Faris is perfect to pair with just about every outfit.
Don’t you love these icing-like paintings from Calvin Ross Carl?


Calvin Ross Carl

Calvin Ross Carl-1-Design Crush


Birthday cake? Nope. It’s the latest work from painter Calvin Ross Carl, who we last checked with back in 2014. He works with enamel and acrylic on a primed canvas to create these beauties that make me want to ditch the brushes and experiment with some adult-level finger painting.


Calvin Ross Carl-2-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-3-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-4-Design Crush

Calvin Ross Carl-5-Design Crush



FARIS-1-Design Crush


Faris Du Graf is at the helm of FARIS, a jewelry line. Each piece feels like it doubles as a sculpture, distinctive and imperfect in a way you want. Or at least in a way that I want in special jewelry pieces. Check out a few of my favorite piece from the latest collection.


FARIS-2-Design Crush

FARIS-3-Design Crush

FARIS-4-Design Crush

FARIS-5-Design Crush


Xuan Chen / Light Threads

Xuan Chen-1-Design Crush


Xuan Chen‘s mixed media pieces are tons of fun – all of that color couldn’t be anything but! My favorite series is Light Threads, where Chen’s grasp of textures and shapes really comes into play. The use of overlapping tones gives each piece so much depth.


Xuan Chen-2-Design Crush

Xuan Chen-3-Design Crush

Xuan Chen-4-Design Crush

Xuan Chen-5-Design Crush

Xuan Chen-6-Design Crush

Xuan Chen-7-Design Crush


Anna Hepler

Anna Hepler-1-Design Crush


The air-inflated sculptures of Anna Hepler are really something special. The Maine-based artist uses a drinking straw(!) to fill the pieces that are of varying sizes and colors with her own breath. Hepler’s other 3D sculptures and installations are equally breathtaking.


Anna Hepler-2-Design Crush

Anna Hepler-3-Design Crush

Anna Hepler-4-Design Crush

Anna Hepler-5-Design Crush

Anna Hepler-6-Design Crush

(via Booooooom)


The Vintage Vogue

The Vintage Vogue-1-Design Crush


I’m admittedly a homebody. I love my home, I love being surrounded by things that hold meaning, and I love spending lots of time with my pets. But as we head into colder weather my time indoors increases even further, and I find myself doing what can only be described as nesting. Padding my space with a few new pretty things as I give it a seasonal deep-cleaning. One shop that’s caught my eye lately is The Vintage Vogue. Charlotte, the artist behind it all, gravitates towards a muted palette and natural materials that I just can’t get enough of.


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The Vintage Vogue-3-Design Crush

The Vintage Vogue-4-Design Crush

The Vintage Vogue-5-Design Crush


Fine Little Day


The Grid Blanket // Glasilium Vase // Birch Knitted Wool Mittens // Storm Wall Hanging

I’d love to pillage the virtual shelves of Fine Little Day! Their carefree, simple philosophy goes a long way to explaining why they choose just what they do to sell in their shop. It’s about enjoying the everyday, not taking ourselves too seriously, and embracing the imperfections in this crazy thing called life.



Brick by Brick Mobile // Rainbow Poster // Koivu Birch Vase // Objekt.01 Mobile



By Chance Pillow // Black/Nature Linen Tea Towel // Pyramid Bedspread // Wave Tablecloth


Lotte Maja Bjerre

Lotte Maja Bjerre-3-Design Crush


I’m getting geisha hair vibes from Lotte Maja Bjerre‘s most recent work. You know I love hair art, though I’m not sure that’s what Bjerre was going for in these pen and pencil illustrations. But that’s the beauty of art isn’t it? The interpretation and meaning lies in the eye of the beholder.


Lotte Maja Bjerre-2-Design Crush

Lotte Maja Bjerre-1-Design Crush

Lotte Maja Bjerre-4-Design Crush

Lotte Maja Bjerre-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)