Happy Weekend

01/ A grid wall, every designer’s hot dream.
02/ Mark Bittman’s No Fuss Dessert Generator.
03/ Cross-stitched cookies!
04/ The Human Pantone Guide, so smart.
05/ I love a good rock transformation.
06/ The prettiest anatomical cross-sections you’ll ever see!
07/ It’s official, I love 2D type and 4D type┬ájust as much.
08/ Unexpected rainbow origami street art.
09/ Miniature scenes to wear on your fingers.
10/ Oh man, Wes Anderson Bingo. IT’S ON.



Happy Weekend

01/ Mapping the origins of NYC rappers.
02/ This compatibility quiz is AWESOME.
03/ Faces in strainers.
04/ A fun ombre embroidery sampler.
05/ Dogs In Cars, a photography book.
06/ Check out this show-stopping glass raindrops installation.
07/ Reel is some super fun bike storage.
08/ Crushing on this interchangeable stamp ring.
09/ I could really use one of these notebooks!
10/ Pretty DIY watercolor linens.


Hide the Good Scissors

While I’ve been taken with all things embroidery thread recently, these pieces from Hide the Good Scissors are the only ones where the thread is used for its actual intended purpose. I love them beyond words.


Ashley Meaders.

I’m not quite sure how to classify Ashley Meaders other than quirky-talented-crafter-extraordinaire. (Seriously, check out her About.) She does amazing things with design and crafts at events that make me think she probably has my dream job. Total girl crush going on here.