Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush


01/ Laser cut leg wear inspired by molting animals.
02/ Pretty IP creates a color palette from your computer’s IP address.
03/ Oh you know, just a shower that works like a car wash.
04/ Print out this Oscar ballot before Sunday’s awards show.
05/ Carpets made from socks and shirts.
06/ Animals sculpted from colored shards of glass.
07/ I don’t like snakes, but I love Milky Joe in his handmade pink sweater!
08/ Now these are some crazy insane birds nests.
09/ A map of the US made from 50,000 wooden matchsticks.
10/ Love this print – The Various Varieties of Vegetables!

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Lone Mine

Lone Mine-1-Design Crush

These fused glass baubles from Lone Mine remind me of my favorite pre-school snack – layered Jell-o! Each jewel is painstakingly formed first in a kiln and then ground by hand, featuring naturally occurring bubbles and a highly polished surface for a one-of-a-kind piece. I think my favorite is the one directly below, the remnants of a melted snowcone come to mind – yum!


Lone Mine-2-Design Crush

Lone Mine-3-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

01/ Why Tea Is So Very Magical.
02/ World’s Best Father!
03/ NYC’s Hamburger Alley all mapped out.
04/ Love these Bad Girls Throughout History postcards.
05/ Bath Boat!
06/ Wonderful Life with the Elements, an illustrated book about chemistry.
07/ This glass sculpture looks like cotton candy.
08/ Geometric painted walls.
09/ Tree Ring Lights.
10/ What do you measure? Measuring the Universe.

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Happy Weekend

01/ Ever curious about secret staff communications in fancy restaurants?
02/ Stunning photo essay on people with albinism.
03/ When the Louvre’s statues wear modern street clothes.
04/ I want to wear one of these accordion party hats!
05/ Have a great glass bottle you’re saving? Make a lamp!
06/ A staircase made of optical glass that looks like ice.
07/ Big, beautiful head sculptures representing the four seasons.
08/ A real-life version of Super Mario. (Kinda creepy.)
09/ Color Pencil Tree, a proposed installation.
10/ Surf Pops!

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Vessel Series

I admit it, I’m a romantic at heart. And when I read that Samuel Wilkinson’s Vessel Series was inspired by a ship in a bottle it made me love it all the more. The blown glass fixtures were created specifically to show off the Plumen 001 bulb, a beauty in its own right. When lit the glass illuminates, showing off the bulb rather than concealing it. The Vessel Series consists of three pieces, each of which features a cut that allows it either to be suspended or set on a surface.

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Stampo Cups

Notice anything curious about these Stampo Cups? They were each kicked in the bottom with a boot during the molding process, leaving an imprint of the sole. These colorful glasses by Niels Cosman are each hand-formed and entirely unique, not bad for getting kicked in the butt!

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Happy Weekend

01/ Have the best tent in the campground!
02/ DIY vintage tin candles – perfect for dining al fresco.
03/ Intricate geometric papercuts.
04/ Girls paper dolls!
05/ Dream come true – an outdoor library!
06/ Get your desktop in the mood for summer.
07/ Clever pyramid scheme measuring cups.
08/ Care for a slice of tea?
09/ The BEST watertower.
10/ These dip-dyed marshmallows would make crazy cool s’mores!

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Happy Weekend

01/ Mapping the origins of NYC rappers.
02/ This compatibility quiz is AWESOME.
03/ Faces in strainers.
04/ A fun ombre embroidery sampler.
05/ Dogs In Cars, a photography book.
06/ Check out this show-stopping glass raindrops installation.
07/ Reel is some super fun bike storage.
08/ Crushing on this interchangeable stamp ring.
09/ I could really use one of these notebooks!
10/ Pretty DIY watercolor linens.

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