Kero-1-Design Crush


Whether they’re well thought out or raw and honest, I’m crushing hard on the illustrative talents of Italian artist Kero. Her bright and colorful pieces are pensive, while the simple black pen illustrations are anything but.


Kero-2-Design Crush

Kero-3-Design Crush

Kero-4-Design Crush

Kero-5-Design Crush

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Sonia Pulido

Sonia Pulido-1-Design Crush



The work of Barcelona’s Sonia Pulido seems spot on for autumn, no? Something about each and every piece of her illustrated ceramics feels transitional, as though we’re capturing a glimpse right before the big finale. The minimal palette lends itself beautifully to that feeling, too.



Sonia Pulido-2-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-3-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-4-Design Crush

Sonia Pulido-5-Design Crush

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Minty Sainsbury

Minty Sainsbury-1-Design Crush



Minty Sainsbury, who is a frontrunner for Best Name Ever, is also a talent with pencil and paper. Architectural drawings specifically. Check out this series of famous landmarks, each with their neighboring buildings ghosted out. Sainsbury really forces you to focus on the detailed architecture by segregating each structure.



Minty Sainsbury-2-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-3-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-4-Design Crush

Minty Sainsbury-5-Design Crush

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Sam Kalda / Men and Cats

Sam Kalda-1-Design Crush



Illustrator and cat fancier Sam Kalda knows all the ways into my heart. In his Men and Cats series, Kalda captures famous men and their feline companions in everyday circumstances. Think Ernest Hemingway having a drink, Karl Lagerfeld laying out his ensemble for the day, or Saul Steinberg… wearing a cat mask.



Sam Kalda-2-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-3-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-4-Design Crush

Sam Kalda-5-Design Crush


Tom Froese

Tom Froese-1-Design Crush


Tom Froese‘s whimsical illustrations have graced the pages of everything from Wired UK to Reader’s Digest and everything in between, on both local and international levels. The saturated colors are juicy and delicious, while his mid-century style seems to be timeless.


Tom Froese-2-Design Crush

Tom Froese-3-Design Crush

Tom Froese-4-Design Crush

Tom Froese-5-Design Crush


Amanda Happé

Amanda Happe-1-Design Crush


Toronto-based Amanda Happé is decidedly gifted in the painting and drawing areas of life. (As well as in the beautiful-long-red-hair area, but that’s another story.) Not one to shy away from color, Amanda embraces it wholeheartedly through all of her work. Her latest is a series referred to as Runes Waterfull of stark imagery and simple shapes on clean white backgrounds.


Amanda Happe-2-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-3-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-4-Design Crush

Amanda Happe-5-Design Crush


Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios-1-Design Crush


Columbian artist Johan Barrios works in graphite and watercolors to create some of the most beautiful mixed media results. The finished pieces leave me feeling as though I’m looking at washed out film that’s been dipped in a series of chemicals. But nope, just raw talent.


Johan Barrios-2-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-3-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-4-Design Crush

Johan Barrios-5-Design Crush