Louise Jewell


UK-based illustrator Louise Jewell studied and designed fashion knitwear before turning to illustration. I’m so drawn to the seafaring characters she creates right along with their furry companions. If you pay attention you can also see the obvious influences of prints, patterns, textiles, and fashion. Plenty of Louise’s work is for sale in her shop if you’d like to own it, too.







Jacqueline Smith


Australian illustrator Jacqueline Smith, who also uses the pseudonym Auf Wiedersehen, combines pencil and watercolor to create lovely and mysterious women. Most hide behind their hair and reside in what can only be imagined as somewhere between dreamland and outer space.








Eiko Ojala


Let this be a lesson in always reading the fine print, because these pieces by Estonian artist Eiko Ojala aren’t made from paper. The depth and texture of each one is created digitally, raw edges and all. Ojala loves working with light and shadow while keeping his artworks minimal and focused on the beauty of shapes.








Anna Deligianni


Athens, Greece-born illustrator Anna Deligianni‘s current work focuses on mobility, while the focus on detail carries over from previous work in engraving. Every bit of us has a story, doesn’t it?

Be it physical migration or a psychological journey, people are always struggling to leave their current situation to find a place where they can finally be at peace. I often use eyes in my paintings to symbolize the fact that there is always someone watching you, traveling in the same way as you are, sometimes as a friend and sometimes judging you, feeling empathy and companionship.







Print Edition: January 2017

Ask More Questions by Anthony Burrill


Be Who You Needed by The Old Try


Earth Print by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.


House by the Sea Print by Catherine Campbell


Kitty Stardust Print by Niaski


Equal Measure Print by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.


My Butt Print by Helena Wurzel


MIKO Print by Mathilde Aubier


Pastures Print by Kara Rosenlund


The Present is Female Poster by Samantha Hahn


Claire Trotignon


French artist Claire Trotignon employs drawing, collage, screen-printing, and installation as she explores the concept of space through architecture, landscape, and mapping. Claire says her inspiration comes from “everywhere at any moment” and cites music, film, travel, and books as notable sources.







Jeff Östberg


Swedish freelance illustrator Jeff Östberg does so much lovely personal and editorial work it’s tough to choose favorites. Urban life, relaxation, music, and fashion are all prevalent themes throughout, created in his signature muted pastel palette. East personality loosely based on individuals Jeff happens across in daily Stockholm life.







Printable Winter Nights Gift Wrap + Tags


This holiday we’ve teamed up with surface pattern designer Vivian Kvitka, aka the Good Viv, to bring you a gorgeously illustrated printable! Vivian created art full of wintery holiday windows, constellations, and stars that was turned into gift wrap and tags for you to print and cover your gifts with. The mustard and indigo lend themselves to all December holidays, whichever you celebrate, and can be used all winter long. The download includes colored as well as black and white versions of the gift tags, letter-sized sheets, and 11 x 17″ sheets. Enjoy!

Download Winter Nights Gift Wrap + Tags HERE






Paige Jiyoung Moon



Just when everyday life seems to be exceptionally boring, a superbly talented artist like Paige Jiyoung Moon pops up on my radar as a reminder that it’s anything but. In fact, it’s quite beautiful. Paige’s slice-of-life paintings and drawings turn mundane tasks like doing the dishes and going to the laundry mat into well thought out scenes full of color and detail.