Sandra Eterovic

Sandra Eterovic-1-Design Crush


Making things makes Sandra Eterovic happy, and man oh man does that come through in her work. Her belief that handmade things deserve to be loved infinitely longer than cheap mass produced items is something I hold close to my heart as well. Take a peek at her shop, my favorites are the quirky hand painted wooden sculptures.


Sandra Eterovic-2-Design Crush

Sandra Eterovic-3-Design Crush

Sandra Eterovic-4-Design Crush

Sandra Eterovic-5-Design Crush

Sandra Eterovic-6-Design Crush

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Melissa Castrillon

Melissa Castrillon-1-Design Crush


So many of illustrators I’m drawn to are based out of England, and today Melissa Castrillon joins their ranks. Each of her works tells a story, communicating through color and shape just what Castrillon wants us to walk away with, aside from looking at another pretty picture. Be sure and check out her shop if you’d like something of hers to be yours.


Melissa Castrillon-2-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-3-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-4-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-5-Design Crush


Grace Helmer

Grace Helmer-1-Design Crush


Sometimes an artist just gets it and is able to convey the essence of their story in a glance. Grace Helmer is most definitely one of them. Her illustrations and oil paintings are both slice-of-life and humorous, particularly her Small Hours comic.


Grace Helmer-2-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-3-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-4-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-5-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-6-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-7-Design Crush


Print Edition: February


May Day by Hayley Mitchell Art // Bath Time by Natalie Trovato // Composition Series 2: B by Kate Miss // Fleur Femme by Wayne Pate // Grace Coddington by Gray Day Studio



Houseplants by Hartland Brooklyn // It’s Okay by Matthew Taylor Wilson // Miko Sorry by Mathilde Aubier // Morning River by Lauren Adams // No Dancing Except on Tables by Planeta 444



Palmistry by Ms Matilda // Persistence is Fruitful by Anthony Burrill // Pillow Land by Clare Elsaesser // Pyrite Light No. 1 by Hamish Robertson // San Francisco is for Carnivores by Drywall


Lui Ferreyra

Lui Ferreyra-1-Design Crush


The works of Chuck Close, Egon Schiele, Paul Klee, and Richard Diebenkorn are obvious influences in Lui Ferreyra‘s work, but he also cites hi-tech imaging, such as satellite photography, medical CAT scans, and vector graphics as having impact. Whatever inspiration lies behind it, I love Lui’s web-like style that comes across as distinctly his own.


Lui Ferreyra-2-Design Crush

Lui Ferreyra-3-Design Crush

Lui Ferreyra-4-Design Crush

Lui Ferreyra-5-Design Crush

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Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-1-Design Crush


Kelsey Garrity-Riley‘s lovely illustrations somehow manage to feel both modern and vintage all at the same time. It wasn’t until I dug in a bit further that I realized her work also graces the covers of some of my favorites over at Red Cap Cards! Kelsey’s also a talent at hand-lettering, really her entire portfolio is a treat.


Kelsey Garrity-Riley-2-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-3-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-4-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-5-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-6-Design Crush

Kelsey Garrity-Riley-7-Design Crush


Mel Tow

Mel Tow-1-Design Crush


California-based illustrator Mel Tow explores a darker side of life through characters created in a limited palette of colors. Each one seems to be fighting his or her own battle, leaving us to wonder just what lies behind their troubled expressions.


Mel Tow-2-Design Crush

Mel Tow-3-Design Crush

Mel Tow-4-Design Crush

Mel Tow-5-Design Crush

Mel Tow-6-Design Crush

Mel Tow-7-Design Crush


Layla Holzer

Layla Holzer-1-Design Crush


Layla Holzer‘s illustrations make me suck in my breath a bit. The Cardiff-based illustrator specializes in themes of fairy tale, gender conflict, the uncanny, the monstrous-feminine, and morality.

Ultimately, I seek to inspire and encourage people to question the mistakes of our world and adopt wiser moral judgment, through use of cautionary tales and uncanny punishment.


Layla Holzer-2-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-3-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-4-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-5-Design Crush

Layla Holzer-6-Design Crush