Carmen Segovia

Carmen Segovia-1-Design Crush


Carmen Segovia creates art that just begs for an imaginative backstory. Her muted illustrations capture moments that can only be described as in the thick of it, leaving you wondering what you just walked in on.


Carmen Segovia-2-Design Crush

Carmen Segovia-3-Design Crush

Carmen Segovia-4-Design Crush

Carmen Segovia-5-Design Crush

Carmen Segovia-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: June 2016


Boathouse Artifacts Taxonomy by Mandy Mohler Photography // Change of Plans by Playtype //
Earth by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. // Ecuador Earthquake Lithograph by Juan Miguel Marin
(all proceeds from this sale will help the children of Portoviejo) // El Cacto by J3 Production



Heart Anatomy by Art Kurka // High Five by Playtype // The Foothills by Jenny Tiffany //
Tin of Sardines by Ruth Broadway // Whale Scale by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.


Misato Suzuki

Misato Suzuki-1-Design Crush


Misato Suzuki was born in Japan and now resides in southern California. I think you can see elements of inspiration from both in each painting, whether it be the repetition of elements or the vibrant colors used.


Misato Suzuki-2-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-3-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-4-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-5-Design Crush


Karin Haas

Karin Haas-1-Design Crush


New York City-based artist Karin Haas creates these paintings and pastels that remind me of the sweltering southwestern United States. To me the lines are indicative of the shimmery waves on hot pavement, the color palette like the landscape.


Karin Haas-2-Design Crush

Karin Haas-3-Design Crush

Karin Haas-4-Design Crush

Karin Haas-5-Design Crush


Margherita Morotti

Margherita Morotti-1-Design Crush


Italian illustrator Margherita Morotti works mainly with a mixture of indian ink, ecoline, gouache, and oil color when creating her powerful works of art. I can literally feel the angst and tension and everything else when looking at each piece.


Margherita Morotti-2-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-3-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-4-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-5-Design Crush


Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas-1-Design Crush


Simplicity is underrated, and it would seem Valencia-based illustrator Sergio Membrillas would agree. Both his editorial pieces and posters are taken down to the bare minimum, letting our eyes decipher the simple shapes and bold colors for what they really are.


Sergio Membrillas-2-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-3-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-4-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-5-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: May 2016


Chinese Brush Painting by Celine Printables // Flora by Britt Hermann //
Make It Easy by Making It Fun by Chipper Things // Monogram Initial Print by
Factory Twenty One // Mountains ABC Print by Schoolhouse Electric



Out of Ideas by Ashkahn Shahparnia // Morning Kiss by Raphael Vavasseur //
Sleep Forever by Henn Kim // Study Print by Gabriel Stromberg //
Zebra Succulent by Beetle Ink Co.


Juan Osorno

Juan Osorno-1-Design Crush


Columbian artist Juan Osorno‘s delicately illustrated pieces are something to behold. His studies are simultaneously exploratory and introspective. For more of Juan’s work and process check out his Instagram account.


Juan Osorno2-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-3-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-4-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-5-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-6-Design Crush