Owen Gent

Owen Gent-1-Design Crush


Bristol, England-based illustrator and designer Owen Gent creates some tragically dreamy stuff. You can easily see the overlap between his two creative worlds, especially in his particular logo design style. Pop over to his shop to make a piece your own!


Owen Gent-2-Design Crush

Owen Gent-3-Design Crush

Owen Gent-4-Design Crush

Owen Gent-5-Design Crush


Black + White Art

Pernille Møller Folcarelli-Design Crush

Pernille Folcarelli

There’s something simple yet striking about black and white art. Whatever form the subject matter takes – illustration, photograph, sculpture – the end result tends to be graphic and attention grabbing. Now that’s a theme I can back 100%.



Clockwise: Deep Space by Samantha Hahn // Black Cat with White Whiskers by Corella Design //
Hexagon by Melinda Wood Designs // Diamonds and Monsters by The Adventures Of



LOVE Set of 4 Typographic Posters by Black and White Posters



Clockwise: New York Typographic Art Print by Yantree // Phases of the Moon by The Adventures Of //
It’s Good to Be Home by Spell and Tell // Crystal Palace No. 4 by Kristina Sostarko


Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome

Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome-1-Design Crush


Helene Comeositos‘ – aka Monochrome‘s – black and white illustrations are posted daily on her Instagram account, and damn are they fantastic. Her specialty is creepy girls, with a dollop of cats thrown in for good measure.


Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome-2-Design Crush

Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome-3-Design Crush

Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome-4-Design Crush

Helene Comeositos AKA Monochrome-5-Design Crush

(via Design*Sponge)


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Crazy about this Monster Skin Rug that you can support on Kickstarter!
02/ Brilliant – a tissue box filled with motivational quotes.
03/ Christoph Neimann uses everyday objects to complete his illustrations.
04/ Check out the color breakdowns of Disney films in print form.
05/ Everyone’s been there, here’s a kit to survive any breakup.
06/ What happened when Calder Wilson attached fireworks to his drone?
07/ I hope England doesn’t care that Oscar Santillan stole the top inch of its tallest mountain.
08/ This year’s Serpentine Pavilion in London celebrates 15 years of the project.
09/ Here’s how to make a 24 Carrot Cake.
10/ Tyler Feder draws famous fictional foods from television shows.

This week on Design Crush:
Daydreaming about a summer camp for adults thanks to Amy Bennett.
Wine Awesomeness is a new monthly subscription box and you can all receive the first month FREE! (said in Oprah voice)
Crushing on the manipulated canvases of Valentin Dommanget in a big way.
The countdown to Easter is almost done – are you ready?
Harriet Lee-Merrion‘s illustrations manage to feel light and heavy all at the same time.
This one time, at Texas Style Camp… I learned some new stuff about myself.
Tiny cities and the foods they’re known for combine in Brunchcity.
I’m craving solid organizational pieces this spring, like the Leaning Loop.
Speaking of, Kate Tucker‘s paintings are complete organized chaos.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Powder blue is a big deal right now everywhere in the home.


Harriet Lee-Merrion

Harriet Lee-Merrion-1-Design Crush


The fine lines used by Harriet Lee-Merrion lend an airy feel to illustrations that could easily feel weighed down with cerebral subject matter. She sells some of her work in a Big Cartel shop that you can peek at here.


Harriet Lee-Merrion-2-Design Crush

Harriet Lee-Merrion-3-Design Crush

Harriet Lee-Merrion-4-Design Crush

Harriet Lee-Merrion-5-Design Crush


Aiko Fukawa

Aiko Fukawa-1 Design Crush


The lighthearted illustrations of Aiko Fukawa are especially timely right now, with Easter being the most whimsical of holidays. (Rabbits! Chicks! Pastels!) Who ever said art needs to be serious and stuffy anyway? I’d rather have a cat marriage.


Aiko Fukawa-2 Design Crush

Aiko Fukawa-3 Design Crush

Aiko Fukawa-4 Design Crush

Aiko Fukawa-5 Design Crush


Masako Kubo

Masako Kubo-1-Design Crush


Masako Kubo divides her time between New Zealand and Japan, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal with plenty of inspiration all around to vibe off of. I love the mid-century inspiration that’s evident in Masako’s style, which I’m guessing might be related to her past career in advertising as well.


Masako Kubo-2-Design Crush

Masako Kubo-3-Design Crush

Masako Kubo-4-Design Crush

Masako Kubo-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Bandages that will make your wound look worse than it actually is.
02/ This bar in Louisiana has a built-in chilled strip to keep beverages cold.
03/ Cloud iridescence is a real thing.
04/ Weapons of Mass Instruction is a 1979 Ford converted into a book-toting tank!
05/ I love the idea of creating a grazing table instead of appetizers.
06/ The Lotus Building in China depicts the three states of a blooming flower.
07/ A hair freezing contest!
08/ These approved catcalls are hilarious.
09/ It turns out activated charcoal is really good for our skin – have you tried it?
10/ Danny Quirk‘s realistic anatomical paintings expose our inner workings.

This week on Design Crush:
Pat Perry‘s illustrations will transport you to another world.
Temperatures are slowly climbing and I have my spring wish list ready!
Beautiful modern female portraits by Annie Kevans.
How things are going after being back in Pittsburgh for six months.
The storytelling embroidery pieces of Michelle Kingdom.
These 8 great apps are some of my recent favorites.
Energetic abstracts from Kerri Rosenthal.
Ten March DIYs to keep you busy this month.
Take a peek at Gus Hughes‘ right-out-of-the-tube paintings.


Pat Perry

Pat Perry-1-Design Crush


I’ll never tire of seeing this world through other people’s eyes. Today that world belongs to Pat Perry, an artist from Michigan whose view is careful, cautious, and observant. He’s wildly skilled at the balance of intricate detail and blank space. Prints available here.


Pat Perry-2-Design Crush

Pat Perry-3-Design Crush

Pat Perry-4-Design Crush


Patrik Svensson

Patrik Svensson -1-Design Crush


Fictional characters and real life persons, dead or alive, all are fair game in Patrik Svensson‘s latest project. A visual element associated with each name is integrated into their name, some more subtle than others. (To purchase prints, email the the artist at patrik@psillustration.se)


Patrik Svensson -2-Design Crush

Patrik Svensson -3-Design Crush

Patrik Svensson -4-Design Crush

Patrik Svensson -5-Design Crush