Print Edition: December


Sea Water Cure by Tina Crespo // No by Rubyetc // Fox Hops by Jessica Roux //
fragment one by Alexandra Ethell



Celestial Moon by Elise Mahan // Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget by Alan Hynes //
Downtown City Building Pair by Coffee in Bed // Stay Humble/Hustle Hard by Jennet Liaw


Prints: November Edition


As If by Letters on Love // California by Fimbis for DENY // Constellation by Holstee //
Exceptionally Great Espresso – Art & Science by stellavie



Field Print 03 in Blue by Tad Carpenter Creative // Lungs by Cirque d’Art //
Its Monday But Thats Okay by The Motivated Type // Why Hello by Letters on Love


Na Kim

Na Kim-1-Design Crush

As I write this I’m sitting with a cup of hot tea and a sore throat, so these teapots by Na Kim seem especially appropriate to share. Brooklyn-based Na Kim has a seriously impressive and wide-spanning portfolio that demands a few minutes of your time and includes these moody blue beauties.


Na Kim-2-Design Crush

Na Kim-3-Design Crush

Na Kim-4-Design Crush


Diana Sudyka

Diana Sudyka-1-Design Crush


Every few months an artist comes up on my radar that hits just the right note at the right time and it’s almost as though a chorus starts singing in the back of my mind. Today it’s Diana Sudyka and her beautiful illustrations (and book and album covers, and gig posters, and prints). The magical combination of her style and her handwriting makes for one whimsical ride.


Diana Sudyka-2-Design Crush


Diana Sudyka-3-Design Crush


Diana Sudyka-4-Design Crush


Diana Sudyka-5-Design Crush


Gill Chantler

Gill Chantler-1-Design Crush


I’m loving the bright and lively illustration work of Scottish born, UK based Gill Chantler. Her online portfolio isn’t huge, but Gill’s done some nice brand work and has plans to open a shop this fall! I’m looking forward to it and crossing my fingers for some lovely prints true to her style.


Gill Chantler-2-Design Crush


Gill Chantler-3-Design Crush


Prints: October Edition


Everything by Shana Frase // La Boom by Virginie Morgand //
Violet Green Peaks by Print Club Boston // Rise & Double the Shine by Belles and Ghosts



Green Sea Glass by Jennifer Booher // Indifferent Captain by Teo Zirinis //
Quartz by Song & Dance // Tea Time Constellation by Ello Lovey


Pablo S. Herrero

Pablo S Herrero-1-Design Crush


I couldn’t come up with a more appropriate body of work to feature for the start of my favorite month if I tried. While Pablo S. Herrero is best known for his large scale murals, I’m smitten with his work on India ink on paper. The dark and stormy forests he creates are deep enough to suck you right in and keep you there for a bit.


Pablo S Herrero-2-Design Crush


Pablo S Herrero-3-Design Crush


Pablo S Herrero-4-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Isabelle Arsenault

Isabelle Arsenault-1-Design Crush


I love the illustrated work of Montreal-based illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. Her work is perfectly suited to book illustration, which is just the sort of thing she prefers. I think Arsenault’s bio puts it best, saying “Her style is infused with sensitivity and finesse. It attracts the attention of the young as much as that of older people, who can sometimes have a more in-depth understanding of it.”


Isabelle Arsenault-2-Design Crush




Isabelle Arsenault-4-Design Crush


Isabelle Arsenault-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)



Kathy Lam

Kathy Lam-1-Design Crush


Hong Kong-based illustrator Kathy Lam and her animal illustrations guarantee a good start to any day, especially a Monday. I love her free and loose-handed style and the funny phrases she often includes on her work. Here’s to a great week!


Kathy Lam-2-Design Crush


Kathy Lam-3-Design Crush


Kathy Lam-4-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe

Lisa Lapointe-1-Design Crush


Four the past four years Melbourne-based artist Lisa Lapointe has been working exclusively with paper and colored pencils. That’s right, her work has zero digital manipulation involved. The fields of vibrant colors Lisa creates work alongside opposing shapes and manage to feel contemporary and timeless all in the same moment.

Coloured pencils are such a challenging medium – the drawing process is long and the works in turn become so honest, so revealing – in one work you have to contend with so many different mindsets – it’s a real effort to link them all together to make one coherent work…[a bit like life]… at the end of a work its like looking back at that section of my life in code – so raw and fragile and yet so potent and resilient – all wrapped up and hidden in a prismatic construction of composition and colour.


Lisa Lapointe-2-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-3-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-4-Design Crush


Lisa Lapointe-5-Design Crush

(via The Design Files)