Graham Yarrington

Graham Yarrington-1-Design Crush


Brooklyn-based illustrator Graham Yarrington creates some bizarre otherworldly art that I can’t step away from. Whether it’s a mottled forest scene, a UFO mid-abduction, or ancient Egyptian art recreated, Yarrington does it all with a certain flair that makes each piece feel vibrant and fresh.


Graham Yarrington-2-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-3-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-4-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-5-Design Crush

Graham Yarrington-6-Design Crush


Bodil Jane

Bodil Jane-1-Design Crush


From the looks of Bodil Jane‘s portfolio nothing is outside the illustrator’s wheelhouse. Food, recipes, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages, and maps are among the things you’ll find vibrating with color, personality, and life as you flip through. (But the zoo might be my favorite!)


Bodil Jane-2-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-3-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-4-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-5-Design Crush

Bodil Jane-6-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1/Mehmet Ali Uysal‘s installation literally peels and pinches the walls of a gallery.  2/Adult Capri Suns are a thing.  3/Chuan-Bin Chung uses his chalkboard drawing skills to teach students anatomy.  4/IKEA taps HAY and Tom Dixon for new products.  5/Minipresso is the world’s smallest outdoor espresso maker.  6/The colorful grout trend.  7/Pole dancer performs an interactive routine with a responsive geometric background.  8/Genius wage gap alarm clock that rings for women after 79% of the workday.  9/JC Sheitan Tenet got the world’s first tattoo arm prosthesis.  10/Temporary tattoos from Jeannerot look and smell good.  11/Perch Light is a playfully interactive light shaped like an abstract bird.  12/Olafur Eliasson installed a waterfall in the middle of the Palace of Versailles garden.


1/Kris Knight  2/Dreamy Daybeds  3/Katherine Tromans  4/Incense Burner No. 1 Corian
5/William Betts  6/Muesli 12 Ways  7/Matthias Heiderich  8/Ridges  9/Reyes de la Flor


Su-Jeong NAM

Su-Jeong NAM-1-Design Crush


I’ve always preferred my yard (landscaping seems like a stretch) to be more on the wild side than the pristine. It fits both my mind and my homeownership skills, and the work of Su-Jeong NAM gives me the same vibe. Her illustrations show off her vision of harmony in the world and its minute details.


Su-Jeong NAM-2-Design Crush

Su-Jeong NAM-3-Design Crush

Su-Jeong NAM-4-Design Crush

Su-Jeong NAM-5-Design Crush

Su-Jeong NAM-6-Design Crush


The Roommate Book

The Roommate Book-1-Design Crush


For *most* of us the roommate phase of life isn’t all that long. College, your 20s, and then you’re more than likely ready to strike out on your own or live with a significant other. My pal Becky Simpson is an amazing illustrator whose latest book – aptly named The Roommate Book – provides a non-serious look at how to live with a friend (or total stranger). Flip through for a look at comical pie charts, hypotheticals, illustrations, and brief essays along with some nuggets of wisdom!


The Roommate Book-2-Design Crush

The Roommate Book-3-Design Crush

The Roommate Book-4-Design Crush

The Roommate Book-5-Design Crush