Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike-1-Design Crush


My days are filled with my routine, my work, and my pets for the most part – I’m a homebody. The second I saw Fumi Koike‘s art that focuses on life’s domesticities I felt comforted. Those moments when we recognize a piece of ourselves in another can be breathtaking, especially when they’re captured so lovingly.


Fumi Koike-2-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-3-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-4-Design Crush

Fumi Koike-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Elemental Turntable is the best looking simple turntable for vinyl newbies.
02/ Artist 1010 created a giant optical illusion on a highway – Le Périphiérique.
03/ Check out Kit Animalium – a 3D chocolate animal kit!
04/ Mimi O Chun’s Stuffed Hipster Emblems are detailed and awesome.
05/ I’m convinced these paper clips would up my organization game.
06/ Crushing on Christoph Niemann’s Brush Girl.
07/ Take a peek at 12 of the best in coffee brewing technology.
08/ Explosive dance portraits by Alexander Yakovlev capture powerful movement.
09/ Akilah Hughes documented her week in a visual diary of used makeup wipes.
10/ A government building in New Mexico has a cat library where workers can check out adoptable cats!

This week on Design Crush:
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Incredible architectural reliefs from Chisel & Mouse.
Definitely snatching up my sign in the Good Twin’s Zodiac Pin + Post.
Cosmic Nuggets’ Maskz series is colorful and dark – in other words perfect.
Admit it, you have a summer wish list all thought out too.
Laura Agusti’s Ashdown Cats are amazing.
Fourteen Father’s Day cards… because it’s this coming Sunday.
Bryan Ray‘s incredible work is teeming with color and loads of momentum.


Laura Agusti / Ashdown Cats

Laura Agusti-1-Design Crush


This one goes out to all my fellow cat ladies! Laura Agusti‘s Ashdown Cats is my favorite series of her illustrations, many of which focus on animal-human hybrid species. These felines are total bohemians in style, their hair and wardrobes spill the truth.


Laura Agusti-2-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-3-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-4-Design Crush

Laura Agusti-5-Design Crush


Babeth Lafon

Babeth Lafon-1-Design Crush


I’m feeling the work of Babeth Lafon in a major way this week. A lot of her work is for brands being as she got her start as a graphic designer/art director in France and Austria before relocating to Berlin. I have incredible amounts of respect for artists who bring their own style to big brand work and Babeth is a master. Some of her work is available for purchase in her shop.


Babeth Lafon-2-Design Crush

Babeth Lafon-3-Design Crush

Babeth Lafon-4-Design Crush

Babeth Lafon-5-Design Crush

Babeth Lafon-6-Design Crush


Print Edition: June


Diamonds and Monsters by The Adventures Of // Dots – I by Elizabeth Fredriksson // Hug More by Beauchamping // I Do What I Want by Sams Simple Decor // Lunar Fruit by J.P. Ormiston



Thumbs Up by Strawberry Moth // Mermaid by Matou en Peluche // Painted Protea Pattern by Micklyn // Patchwork by Holly Exley Illustration // Wipeout by Stephanie Sherman



Ashleigh Ninos

Ashleigh Ninos-1-Design Crush


Multi-medium artists make me so jealous, but in a good way. Ashleigh Ninos is doing good things with both illustration and dye on paper in her respectively titled series Contour and Forecast. Both are minimal in nature while packing a serious punch of impact.


Ashleigh Ninos-2-Design Crush

Ashleigh Ninos-3-Design Crush

Ashleigh Ninos-4-Design Crush

Ashleigh Ninos-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield-1-Design Crush


Pencil might seem like the simplest medium to work with, but I’ve always found it far from that. Just because you can use an eraser doesn’t make it entirely forgiving. By now you should know of my obsession for any form of art dealing with hair, and I think that speaks to the difficulties I have in creating it myself. Nettie Wakefield has mastered the medium, and the hair, with aplomb.


Nettie Wakefield-2-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-3-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-4-Design Crush

Nettie Wakefield-5-Design Crush


Nude Art Done Right


Casey Keasler for Design*Sponge

Nude art, accepted and regaled as some of the most popular once upon a time, is often seen as taboo in today’s society. (Half naked people on TV? Okay. Tastefully painted expressionist female form? The horror.) I’m of the opinion that a good piece of naked art can be really amazing in nearly any room, and I’m finding proof that others agree. Take a peek at how nudes are being incorporated into everyday home decor, then scroll down to shop the look.


Alice Gao-Design Crush

Alice Gao


Patrick Cline-Design Crush

Patrick Cline


Lonny-Design Crush



Max Snow-Design Crush

Max Snow



Clockwise from top left: Vintage A. Moyer // André Lemos Pinto // Catalina Somolinos // Ewa Dabkiewicz


Stanimir Stoykov-Design Crush

Stanimir Stoykov



Clockwise from top left: GalerieMiniMal // Geordanna Cordero-Fields // Vitali Komarov //
1950s Pin-Up Photograph


Print Edition: May


Eye Eye by Fine Little Day // Nobbly Bobblys by Joel Penkman // Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Hunting Collective // Orange Fox Framed Print by Dwell Store // The Botanist by Paula McGioin



Hey You by My Dear Art Shop // The Wild and Free by Iron & Resin // Whiskey by Monorail //
Wild by Sam Larsen // Zoo by Signe Kjaer


Belinda Rodriguez

Belinda Rodriguez-1-Design Crush


Paper sculptures, hair art, and tattoos? Be still my heart! Belinda Rodriguez pulls out her skills as a freelance designer and illustrator to create these beauties created from layered paper and small hand-drawn embellishments.


Belinda Rodriguez-2-Design Crush

Belinda Rodriguez-3-Design Crush

Belinda Rodriguez-4-Design Crush

Belinda Rodriguez-5-Design Crush