Shinola Runwell Turntable


I’m not sure how I’ll made due with my little turntable after seeing this one from Shinola. The Runwell Turntable was created as a limited run of 500 units and is absolutely WOW. It’s the Detroit-based company’s first audio endeavor – an American-made, solid aluminum, steel and wood, 2-speed belt-driven turntable featuring a modular phono pre-amp and a whole lot of oomph.





Henrik Uldalen


Henrik Uldalen is a self-taught artist whose work revolves around classic figurative painting in a contemporary manner. Henrik explores the dark sides of life, nihilism, existentialism, longing, and loneliness with elements of beauty, dreams, and realism present. His practices of different features – eyes and lips particularly – using oil paint on glass are some of my favorite pieces, and he frequently posts them on Instagram.

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Roll-Out Table



I’ve finally found the perfect table for the ever-entertaining host or hostess. Marcus Voraa‘s Roll-Out Table is beechwood crafted with a beeswax-treated surface, finished off with steel and canvas. The length of the table can be adjusted by sliding the end out and letting the tabletop follow, while the steel crank on the side is used to retract the length.

I wanted to try and represent the social arena that is the internet. The table is where we meet, get to know each other, discuss and share information in the real world. No matter whether it is around the dinner table, in the meeting room or at a conference, it is at the table where our parallel worlds meet, the physical and the digital.





Complements Modular Chocolates


What started as an end-of-year client thank you project by design studio Universal FavouriteComplements is now gauging interest in making their modular chocolates a for sale product. These tasty bites were created by combining 3D printing, design, and the help of Bakedown Cakery to make the flavor profiles like shortbread, blackcurrant, and fairy floss a reality. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on a box?







Charlie Megna / Spaces and Places


Chicago-based artist Charlie Megna‘s work is all over the board, informed by satire, social commentary, and absurdities in the civilized world. Oh, and fun! His Spaces and Places series in gouache is one of my favorites. While maybe not inciting nervous laughter like a lot of Megna’s work, these rug laden roomscapes leave you wondering what kind of lives are lived within them.








Stephen Baker


It’s crazy to think how much can be expressed using only basic shapes and a minimal color palette, but that’s just where painter Stephen Baker excels. His In-Between Days series is a standout, depicting those small moments in every day when you’re in the moment without realizing it. Many of Stephen’s pieces are available as giclée prints so swing by his shop, then check out his portfolio for some fantastic installations.








Kelly Bjork / Blankets


Kelly Bjork‘s series of Blankets is minimalistic and effective. I love that depending on what time of year you’re looking at these gouache paintings you might think of cozy evenings in front of a fire or lazy days spent sprawled on the beach.








Sofia Bonati


Meet Sofia Bonati, an Argentinian-born artist who’s currently living and working in the UK. These gorgeous ladies appear to be her specialty, each created through Sofia’s sketching and painting talents. Sure they’d stand fine on their own, but those background patterns are just the thing that makes her work stand out all the more. Pick up some of Sofia’s work for yourself in her shop.