Conbox Fan


It’s August, officially the dog days of summer. If you have air conditioning you may think that’s enough, but a fan in the room you spend most time in will really help redistribute all of that cooler air and help save on your electric bill a bit as well. I really love this conceptual Conbox Fan that’s so visually appealing and well designed – it’s controlled by your smartphone and can be broken down for storage during cooler months.





Toni Hamel


Italian born, Canada-based artist Toni Hamel describes her work as “an illustrated commentary on human frailties.” She draws on both personal experiences and observations to create works that reflect on and interpret the psychological unease of the current day and age. Virtues and vices, holy and profane, good and bad all share equal space in her art.








Huntz Liu


Los Angeles-based Huntz Liu is a Taiwanese-American artist who mainly works with hand-cut paper. Through layering and perspective he manages to create pieces that look like 3D sculptures.






Jourdan Joly


Ice cream isn’t generally something I have a craving for, but this summer I’ve been wanting it like crazy! So much so that the boyfriend and I are on a mission of sorts to try as many local ice cream institutions as possible before the season is over. Jourdan Joly‘s whimsically fun ice cream sculptures capture the real deal perfectly – just don’t get confused and try to take a bite!

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Habitat Legit AKA Colin Quest


Habitat Legit, aka Colin Quest, is a digital collage artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He draws inspiration from the architecture and desert landscapes of Palm Springs then pairs them with the bold color palettes of Mexico. Photos of different textured walls and flora are deconstructed and manipulated digitally to produce his desert fresh collages.

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Suzanne Saroff


Montana-born, New York-based photographer Suzanne Saroff uses everyday foods and botanicals combined with different tools and techniques to create depth, perception, and expression. Who would’ve guessed that a simple grouping of glassware filled with water could create such a dynamic result?








Jeremy Perrodeau


Paris-based artist Jeremy Perrodeau spends his time drawing and producing comic strips. I really love his style as well as the limited number of colors he uses in each piece, and was immediately drawn to two series – Architect’s Houses and Paysages. The first explores well-known homes designed by famous architects while the second is inspired by classic romantic paintings.








Linda Lopez


I love the colors and textures of Linda Lopez‘s sculptures and objects! The pieces that look as though they’re covered in hairlike clay are referred to as a “dust furries”, and Lopez’s style is so organic that you can’t help but want to reach out and touch them.








Ingrid Aspen / Bottoms Up


The conceptual Bottoms Up glassware range by Ingrid Aspen is comprised of a set of stackable drinking glasses and a carafe. So versatile that you’d probably find me using the vessels as vases and votive holders as well!

Bringing Scandinavian simplicity to the Italian lifestyle, the glasses are intended to introduce a playful note of celebration into everyday life. The range eliminates the traditional wineglass stem and, upside down, the base becomes the ideal vessel for a nightcap. The accompanying carafe is a riff on the shape of a wine bottle. Made without the use of adhesives, the range pushes the possibilities of modern glassblowing techniques.




Gala Bent


Gala Bent is a Seattle-based drawing-centric painter who also dabbles in installations, animations, and collaborations. The series partially seen here – Particle Playlist – is probably my favorite in her portfolio, I love how each piece stands strong on its own but also adds to the group as a whole.

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