Greg Hart / Historical Portraits


Greg Hart‘s Historical Portraits combine unexpected colors, negative space, and some unexpected subject matter. Ladies and gentleman from the past are captured in portrait form, in an almost topographic-like style, while giving us a look into their haunted pasts.







Gordon Harper / Backlit Memories


Even though parts of Gordon Harper‘s Backlit Memories series takes place in winter, most pieces feel like a washed out summer day. No air conditioning, sweaty glasses of iced tea, as little clothing as possible and a fan whirring in the background. Harper’s quiet streets filled with vacant houses just about fade away with every stroke of his brush.







Mya Kerner


The world around us is forever changing, sometimes on its own and more often than not by human hands. Mya Kerner creates to capture these fleeting moments of vulnerability and balance.

My studies in permaculture revealed a new way of perception. I notice geological disruptions, moments and parts within the landscape; together, these notes present a segmented image of the whole. When I look out to the mountains, I see scratched lines breaking through the slopes, while flecks of white dapple on eroded surfaces, recalling cooler seasons. Light moves across planes, marking time with stretched and shortened shadows and form denotes the flow of water through rocky slopes. I record by drawing and writing in attempt to capture these moments of vulnerability, leaving the rest in the haze of lost memories. My concern for humanity’s precarious relationship with nature drives my exploration of the intricacies of terrain and the potential for balance through my material studies. 









Jen Mann


In today’s age of selfies galore, Jen Mann’s paintings step back and explore human identities a bit deeper.

In the society of “me”, where we document ourselves like celebrities and share our lives online for everyone, the self is a prevalent, and important topic to our generation. Our identities are curated like our online profiles to reflect only the parts of ourselves we choose to keep alive. Who am I? Who are you? What does my life mean? Why am I alive? Mann’s work aims to address these very illusive questions, and explore, but not necessarily answer all of them.








Hannah Secord Wade


Maine-based artist Hannah Secord Wade creates luscious oil and acrylic paintings that are piles of… stuff. All sorts of things. But to me Wade’s Everything All Together series also resemble ice cream sundaes with multiple toppings, compost heaps from the kitchen, and tropical mountains.








Sam Chirnside


If you’re feeling drained from this week – or this year – Sam Chirnside‘s psychedelic paintings might be just the thing to boost your energy levels. The Berlin-based artist, designer, and creative director mainly uses oils to create these trippy pieces that are equally at home on album covers or a gallery wall.








Ekaterina Popova


Ekaterina Popova‘s paintings centered around the idea of home, and the unmade beds that often find themselves beneath her brush, have me thinking about sultry summer nights and the warm spring ones we’ve already had that left me throwing off the covers. Popova references old photographs, images, magazine cutouts, and books that remind her of her old life in Russia to create these fictitious places that will inevitable make you feel something.








Thomas Cian


Milan-based artist Thomas Cian is a very gifted man, especially when it comes to portraiture. His watercolor pieces combine colors and shapes that would never represent any part of the human form one their own, except when brought together under his brush they do and they’re lovely.








Jérome Romain


French painter Jérome Romain has a knack for capturing the mundane moments in life and elevating them to the nth level through his brush. His photorealistic style captures every detail, highlight, and shadow.








Print Edition: April 2017

Arranged Shapes by Christopher Bettig


Botanica #3 Tropical Fern by OAK Gallery


Figure C by Kyle Steed


Greyscale Kitties by Stay Home Club


Hey Ho by Above & Beyond


Leaf Lines by Silke Bonde


It’s Going to Be O.K. by Ladyfingers Letterpress


Woman Collage by Ricardo Garcia


We Rise by Kaela Rawson


X-Files Desert Screen Print by Genuine Human