Kyle Surges


Summertime is definitely nostalgia-filled season, and Kyle Surges‘ paintings – yes, paintings! – bring on the feelings in spades. That perfect rectangle of Hershey’s chocolate is just waiting to become a toasty s’more. Those Coca Colas are begging to be uncapped next to a pool on a sweltering day. Surges is a master of capturing these objects of youth and beyond.







Lani Mitchell / KIND


Abstract expressionism is often thought of as old boys club. Thankfully, Australian painter and contemporary artist Lani Mitchell is challenging the thought with her own work that’s inspired and driven by experiences of love, relationships, and kindness. All of these pieces are from her KIND exhibit which explores these themes within a micro and macro context.

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Shawna Gilmore


Hailing from the upper midwest, artist Shawna Gilmore finds inspiration in her overactive imagination. Her vintage-infused paintings are full of narrative, exploring topics like childhood, animals, nature, patterns, humor, metaphors, space, paradoxes, and fairytales.

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Sheila Dunn


Sheila Dunn‘s oil paintings are full of dark moodiness and fractal strokes of the brush. These large, vibrant, figurative paintings explore the relationship between subject and environment, ultimately the variables that form us as individuals.

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Print Edition: May 2018

Wildflowers of Texas by Leah Duncan


Pink and Orange Forever by Stephanie Henderson


Whole As I Am by Frances Cannon


Perceptive Dream by 83 Oranges


Times New Romantic by barrakuz


Pallettable Painting by Adam Hillman


Sweater Struggles by Rebecca Flattley


Summer Storm Abstract by Erika Firm


Evergreen Escape by Belle & Union (check out the entire series!)


Kiss Me by Angela Chrusciaki Blehm


Kirsty Templeton Davidge


Everyone always says how much you can tell about a person from their eyes, but I’ve always thought that hands tell an equally interesting story. Painter Kirsty Templeton Davidge‘s latest series focuses on the cropped midsections of her subjects, relying on their hands, backs, and clothing to tell each narrative.







Melanie Biehle


It’s always a special treat when I have the chance to feature the work of a friend. I’ve known Melanie Biehle for several years, and it’s been incredible to watch the creative journey she’s taken as her painting style has grown and evolved. My favorites at the moment are the seemingly self-contained cityscapes she builds out of nothing.

I use watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oils, and pastels  to translate inspiration from my travels, whether the journey is just down the street or across a wide ocean. I’m inspired by the architecture and energy of cities and the movement and meditative qualities of oceans and lakes. My work is strongly influenced by street art, 60s romantic comedies, mid-century modern textiles, and Southern California surf culture.

I have a tendency to obsessively collect images. This practice inspires my art narratives, abstract paintings, and surface designs. I capture color palettes, patterns, and motifs from the rough texture of seashells, the interesting shapes of a building, glossy fashion editorials, and my personal library of contemporary art and mid-century modern design books.

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