Ilot-1-Design Crush


Ilot is one of those projects that I got really excited about and then was immediately crushed, because it’s a concept and not available for purchase. Ilot, French for island, was created by Marine Hunot during a residency in Fay Billot, a village in the French countryside. Hunot used two unlikely materials – felt and wicker – to create one amazing rug.


Ilot-2-Design Crush

Ilot-3-Design Crush

Ilot-4-Design Crush

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Aelfie Rugs

Aelfie-1-Design Crush


A good graphic rug can really pull a room together, whether as the focal point or as the common denominator of color. Aelfie has knocked it way out of the park with their collection of geometric floor coverings that are blowing up with color and shape.


Aelfie-2-Design Crush

Aelfie-3-Design Crush

Aelfie-4-Design Crush

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Scribble Rugs

Scribble Rugs-1-Design Crush


Who ever said that amazing home decor has to be so freakin’ serious? Front and Moooi Carpets teamed up to create just the opposite – a series of rug that look like a colored pencil frenzy gone right. Each scribble rug is irregularly shaped and available in a variety of color ways. (Of course they’d also be a lot of fun in a kid’s room!)


Scribble Rugs-2-Design Crush

Scribble Rugs-4-Design Crush

Scribble Rugs-3-Design Crush

Scribble Rugs-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Crazy about this Monster Skin Rug that you can support on Kickstarter!
02/ Brilliant – a tissue box filled with motivational quotes.
03/ Christoph Neimann uses everyday objects to complete his illustrations.
04/ Check out the color breakdowns of Disney films in print form.
05/ Everyone’s been there, here’s a kit to survive any breakup.
06/ What happened when Calder Wilson attached fireworks to his drone?
07/ I hope England doesn’t care that Oscar Santillan stole the top inch of its tallest mountain.
08/ This year’s Serpentine Pavilion in London celebrates 15 years of the project.
09/ Here’s how to make a 24 Carrot Cake.
10/ Tyler Feder draws famous fictional foods from television shows.

This week on Design Crush:
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Tiny cities and the foods they’re known for combine in Brunchcity.
I’m craving solid organizational pieces this spring, like the Leaning Loop.
Speaking of, Kate Tucker‘s paintings are complete organized chaos.

Design Crush elsewhere:
Powder blue is a big deal right now everywhere in the home.



OYYO-1-Design Crush


OYYO makes some amazing dhurries, handwoven by a community of craftspeople in India and each made of 100% organic cotton and vivid vegetable dyes derived from local plants. They also put together a beautiful lookbook that makes me want their rugs on my floors that much more, even if I don’t live near sand.


OYYO-2-Design Crush


OYYO-3-Design Crush


OYYO-4-Design Crush

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kinder GROUND

kinder GROUND-1-Design Crush


I’ve been mildly obsessed with rugs lately, mainly because I own four small ones at the moment and plan on needing more once I move. (Pleassssse, hardwood gods be with me!) kinder GROUND is an innovative system that turns everyone into designers with their modular carpeting. By deconstructing traditional shapes and sizes, they invite everyone to get in on the fun of creating colorful floor coverings. Choose from 37 styles of hexagons, triangles, and diamonds that show off a love of geometry and mid-century modern design.


kinder GROUND-2-Design Crush


kinder GROUND-3-Design Crush

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Caitlin Wilson Textiles



For me, this is the year of the textile. For a long time I focused on filling my home with furniture and art that makes me happy, but now it’s time to fill in the spaces. That basically translates to I need amazing pillows, rugs, and blankets! 

Caitlin Wilson Textiles has a great selection of pieces popping with pattern and color, which is integral to my home because I rely heavily on whites and neutrals for larger pieces. Her patterns are also easily mixed and matched, making it super easy to swap out one thing for another when you get bored.

I’m loving the black spotted rug that’s found a home in my kitchen. I’ve stayed away from any sort of floor coverings in there up until this point and am so happy with the touch of pattern! (It looks like Bebe and Rainey also approve.)





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