Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Elise Rasmussen


+ Stellar DIY clamp lamp!

+ Gotta say I’m a fan of the pared down Starbuck’s identity.

+ Check out IKEA’s The Art of Cooking videos by Carl Kleiner.

+ There is such a thing as an awesome St. Patrick’s Day card!

+ This sculpture was made out of 31,010 coins.

+ Loving this bold, straight-forward, type-heavy brunch.


Happy Weekend!


Random Orbit.

I’ve been swooning over the Random Orbit chandelier for quite some time now and have come to the conclusion that if I had a spare $1,850.00 to spend on a light fixture this most definitely would be the one I blew it on. But until that time comes, you can find me drooling over this photo and imagining how much richer my life would be with the Random Orbit in it. The End.


Octopus Chandeliers.

The single and double Octopuses are the classic chandelier reinvented, modernized and octopusized. The fixtures have a central globe light from which lightbulb-footed legs protrude – the double has two sets as opposed to the singles one. Sculptural and functional at the same time and so much fun.


Hicks Pendant.

Someday I’m going to need a house with many, many rooms in order to accommodate the massive light fixture collection I hope to acquire! My latest crush is on the Hicks Pendant. In my mind’s eye this one would be headed for the bathroom or a nice, longish hallway where I could line up a few in a row. Lovely!


Arc Table Lamp.

As if I need any more obsessions I’ve recently developed a pension for table lamps. As in I purchased not one, but two in the course of a few weeks. It would be one thing if I’d been on the lookout for some light sources, or even if I knew specifically where they were going, or had room for them. Nope, I just bought them because I couldn’t say no. One is a an acrylic ball-based lamp that I’ve had my sights set on for awhile and the other a beautiful oversized dark purple glass gourd lamp.

This Arc table lamp is the next on my hit list. I love how the steel arc dangles the white linen shade so elegantly. The best part – in my opinion – is that the top of the shade has a sheath of linen over it to help diffuse light. Oh wait, I changed my mind – the best part is that it’s actually affordable!