Color Stories: Bright Poppy Red

hi there! this is Alyson from Unruly Things, happily filling in while Kelly is off in Milan. like Kelly, I’m also a graphic designer and a huge fan of color. lately, I’ve been curating a color series on my blog. I asked Kelly what her favorite color was so I could share one of my Color Stories with you today. she said bright poppy red, one of my faves too, so here are a few things I’m loving in different tones of poppy red.


one : washed twill tee / two : red two-tone & plaid necktie / three : minsk clogs / four : cael necklace / five : scotch naturals polish / six : little hell esb / seven : leather bag / eight : linen dish towel / nine : mt. rainer sport socks


Campfire Cologne


Tired of your beard smelling like an average office-dwelling man’s? Take your scent outdoors with Campfire Cologne! Just light a stick of cedar, oak, or birch wood then waft it around your facial hair. Tade! Insta-mountain man. And you know how the ladies love that. Respect the Beard!



Uniforma Collection


I’ve been waiting for Little Paper Planes to release the Uniforma Collection for what feels like years, but in reality has probably only been a few months. (I’m a good one for exaggeration.) Kelly Lynn Jones has a superb eye that I knew would translate beautifully to her own pieces. And I was right. The first three products are pocket wallets, camera straps, and art pouches (purses). All are available in four colors: brown, cucumber, watermelon, and blueberry and made of genuine lambskin with brass hardware.




Who says pocket squares are just for men in blazers? Exactly. The graphic pochettes from P.Johnson Tailors would look so, so good peeking out of a summery white jacket pocket. Maybe grab a few and share with your other half, instantly expanding your accessory options!


Neckwarmer Cowl Scarves


Even though it’s only just this week dipped into the 80s here, I’m already thinking well ahead into December. When I’ll finally be able to (hopefully) get out my winter coats and other paraphernalia. I have a deep love of all things cowl necked, and can’t help but eye up these scarves from Pip Robins in anticipation.


Bottle Key


MAKR is on top of all once again with this antique brass blank key bottle opener. Not only is it super clever, but it also blends right in with the other keys on your keychain – no more souvenir or promo openers for you!