Rare Device: Necklaces.

What is Rare Device? (Besides and awesome store in Brooklyn.) If you are an English major or an English teacher, you know that ‘Rare Device’ is from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan. (If you are a true bookworm, you know that Ray Bradbury took a stab at that phrase too.)

Rare Device is, simply, good stuff for you and your home. Rena Tom, the creator, is a former jewelry and graphic designer who loves design. Every object in the store has its own story, and has been chosen because it is either handmade, well-designed, useful, beautiful or all of the above.

I’ve been semi-obsessed with this Razorblade Necklace ($110) for almost a year now. It comes on a 16″ sterling chain and isn’t sharp enough to cut, sorry.

This Currant Necklace ($60) is a little bit closer to my price range. It’s made from thin, recycled stainless steel and sterling silver.

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