I really, really, really want a dog. Every single time I drive by the dog park in my neighborhood I about wreck my car because I’m so busy staring out of the window at how many dogs are in the park/what types of dogs are in the park/if there are any breeds that I really like in the park. It’s pathetic and I’m sure the other drivers near me when I drive by will agree, thankful that they are escaping with their cars intact once again.

For now I tend to entertain my notions of a four-legged friend by perusing canine accessories. No, I’m not the sort of pet owner who dresses up her companions. I’m just the sort of pet owner who likes the things that come with having a pet: the bowls, the jars, the tags, the toys.

I discovered George and their high quality pet products (yes, dogs and cats) during a trip to San Francisco about five years ago. It’s been a tale of love and slight obsesseion ever since.

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