Recently I’ve taken up a major interest in skincare product design. Not really sure where or when it started, but it shows no signs of leaving any time in the near future.

Today I bring to you Vaishaly. Vaishaly is a “superfacialist” from the UK who believes in the simplest, purest skincare regimes: two steps to be exact. Cleansing and moisturizing. Her philosophy is that you don’t need a cabinet full of products to have great skin. (Sounds good to me and my bank account, being the self-proclaimed Product Whore that I am.) As a bonus, all of Vaishaly’s products are based on natural and organic ingredients. A first for any facialist.

On the packaging side of things, I love the simple V logo resembling two pieces of grass and the beautifully contrasting light blue and chocolate brown colors. My bet is that any girl would be hard-pressed to hide these away in a cabinet.

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