Happy Valentine’s Day.

V-Day always carries a lot of pressure for me whether or not I happen to be in a relationship come February 14th. If I’m with someone there’s the pressure of what to plan, what to eat, etc. And if I’m single it’s only a day long reminder of just that.

This year – in which I fall into the latter category) – I keep reminding myself that it could always be worse. My all-time low involved a blind date which was easily one of the most awkward few hours of my life.

So on this day of sugary sweetness I want to hear your story. What was the worst/funniest/best Valentine’s Day you’ve lived to tell the tale of?

  • Kati

    February 14, 2008 at 3:21 pm Reply

    The best Valentine’s Day I had was about 3 years ago. I was in a rough patch with my boyfriend who was also working late shifts at his job and wasn’t going to be home on Valentine’s Day evening. I went up to Philly to hang out with friends. We ate pizza, had some drinks and ate tons of candy while watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Easily one of the best Valentine’s Days I have ever had.

  • joker

    February 15, 2008 at 2:46 am Reply

    I’ll give you the good one and the bad one.

    First off… the bad one.

    Four years ago I happened to be single on Valentine’s day. It wasn’t an easy time and brilliant little me decided I was going to be in Manhattan for Valentine’s day. Simply put, one of the worst places to be alone during this bullshit holiday is the Big Apple. To let you know, I got stood up by two groups of friends for dinner while telling a bunch of poeple I couldn’t make it to their parties because I had previously planned engagements. In short, I had four places to go and ended up alone. As if being stood up wasn’t bad enough though, I decided to walk around Manhattan since I just didn’t want to lock myself in a hotel room and wanted to “walk it off”. Rockefeller, Central Park, Broadway… you name it and wherever I was I had the chance opportunity to see an endless array of happy people. They were in love and I was glad for them, but the deep wound of loneliness thud with the beat of my heart. After a while I even decided to call it quits because on more than one occasion I met the eyes of either the guy or girl in a couple and gave one of those pathetic small smiles that hurt to even put on your lips, but since they were happy I’m designed to wish them well rather than envy even if deep down I just wanted one second with someone, anyone, even if it was a meningless coffee or a hookup. Anything. I just didn’t want to be alone. But I was, and it got to a point where I didn’t want to bring anyone down. The trees cried snow tears melted by a fleeting sun and lucky enough for me, I was man enough to keep it locked in. In a nutshell, not the best idea. Then again, that wasn’t my best Valentine.

    Now as for a positive Valentine’s day. If there’s anything I do know how to do, it is to write. I’m not a cook. But one Valentine’s I decided to say, to hell with it. I bought a decent bottle of wine, I bought chicken, Romaine Lettuce, and some other sides. Then I picked up my girlfriend and brought her to an early dinner made by me. That and an acoustic guitar and dressing up all nice and decent and hot for her. Something tells me neither of us will forget that day because I did something atypical of me and I didn’t burn the house or the chicken :). I could go into more details, but I’ll be selfish and keep it to myself. Cheers to you though Kelly. Hope you had a great one and much love to you sweety.


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