On the Rocks: St. Patty’s Day Edition.

With less than a week to go before St. Patrick’s Day there’s no way I could only share one Irish-themed cocktail with you Design Crushers! So without further ado, I give you the On the Rocks: St. Patty’s Day edition.

Irish Snakebite

– equal part dark Irish beer
– equal part hard cider
– shot of blackcurrant syrup

Fill pint glass with equal amounts of dark Irish beer and hard cider, leaving about 1/3 inch space at top. Add a shot of blackcurrant syrup and stir gently to mix.

Blackcurrant syrup: In saucer, bring one cup sugar and two cups blackcurrant juice to boil. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes or until mixture appears thicker. Cool in ice bath and pour into final storage container, adding 1 oz vodka as preservative.

Classic Irish Coffee

– 2 oz Bushmills Irish Whiskey
– 2 teaspoons brown sugar
– 5 – 6 oz freshly brewed strong black coffee

Stir thoroughly and top off with a layer of heavy whipping cream, poured gently over the back of a spoon.

Irish Cream Cafe

– 1/2 oz Bushmills Irish Cream
– 1/2 oz coffee liqueur
– 1/2 oz hazelnut liqueur
– 6 oz coffee
– whipped cream
Garnish: cinnamon

Pour ingredients into a tall Irish coffee glass. Top with fresh hot coffee and finish with whipped cream on top. Garnish with cinnamon stick and power.

White Knight

– 1 1/2 oz Bushmills Irish Cream
– 1/2 oz Irish whiskey
– 1/2 oz coconut rum
– 1 1/2 oz half & half
Garnish: coconut wedge

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a short glass and garnish with coconut wedge.

:: all images and cocktails via Cocktail Times

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