Porcelain Fortune Cookies.

Since I consider myself somewhat of a fortune cookie aficionado, these porcelain versions of the crispy treat caught my eye. They’d look great piled in a bowl as a centerpiece or as place-card holders. Just don’t try to crack one open because there aren’t any actual fortunes inside!


Happy Weekend.

This week has flown by and this weekend I’m looking forward to:
• watching the Hornets v. Mavs game tonight with friends
• going to the bank tomorrow morning to talk to my mortgage specialist(!)
• volunteering at the Festival of the Arts tomorrow afternoon
• maybe getting in a little pool time Sunday to decrease my “Pale and Pasty Level”
• re-watching Juno
• catching up on some much needed rest

Happy Weekend to you all – see you Monday!

:: photo via ffffound


Who Won? Design For Mankind Inspiration Poster.

The lucky soul of Win It: 

Shauna’s entry stated:
“I am inspired by people who have abandoned the notion that security will save them. People who seek out experiences and perspectives in order to learn, grow, try, fail, succeed and try again. I am inspired by people who do so with an open and kind heart again and again, no matter the weather.”

Thanks to everyone who entered the latest edition of Win It and congratulations to Shauna! Send me an email with your mailing information and I’ll send off your Inspiration poster next week. Also a BIG thank you to Erin at dfm. If today wasn’t your lucky day, but you’re still jonesing for one of her posters be sure and check out her etsy shop!


Ceramic For Mix.

Ever swirl wine around a glass? That’s the idea behind Ceramic For Mix, a revolutionary drinking vessel. Gently swirl the mug to set the ceramic ball at the bottom into motion and stir the contents. The ball is kept in place by a slightly protruding base when stirring and drinking. Goodbye, spoon. It was nice knowin’ ya.


Cafe Ladies.

It’s beautiful out this afternoon and I’d give just about anything to be one of these ladies lunching at a little sidewalk cafe. Oh, and to be in Paris. In the 1920s.

Okay, I think that’s it.

:: via ffffound


360 Vodka.

Not as if a lot of us need a great reason to toss one back, but 360 Vodka is giving us one anyway. The eco luxury vodka is crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness and corporate responsibility. These ideas are then brought to fruition through their greener processes and products. During just the labeling process the company saves 113 grown trees, 48,371 gallons of water and 5,409 pounds of solid waste. The bottles are even 85% recycled glass. From the looks of it all you’d never guess what sort of liquid was floating around inside!

:: via yumsugar