bliss body butter.

Me and body butter generally don’t get along all that well. It always feels like I’m greasing myself up and never seems to sink into my skin. So when I got my birthday gift from Sephora last November – bliss body butter – I wasn’t all that excited about it.

And then I used it.

Holy cow. The name is misleading – it should be called ‘Heaven Masquerading as Lotion’. (Or something equally cheesy.) It’s light as a feather and melts into my skin immediately. It got me through the winter which is saying a lot. Now I’m wishing they made some sort of version with SPF for summer…

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  • karey m.

    May 20, 2008 at 4:29 pm Reply is my secret boyfriend. i seem to send him loads of monies for heaps of slathering goop.

    i love him.

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