Happy Weekend.

This 4-day week felt longer than your average 5-er which makes me that much happier to see the weekend. It’s been filled with lots of work-work, house-buying legalities and not much else. The next few days should be fun though.

• head out on the town with the girls tonight
• sand/repaint china cabinet (been meaning to do this for awhile now!)
• look for a cool ceiling fan for the master bedroom
• buy a honeymoon shower gift for Kristy
• mail a long overdue birthday box to Kim
• maybe some baking goodness
• and um, laundry

Happy Weekend to you all!

:: photo via ffffound

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  • John Lampard

    May 31, 2008 at 4:31 am Reply

    Four-day weeks, while welcome, are always draining… for me it feels as if five days work still has to be done, but in just four days 🙂

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