Happy Weekend.

Thank you all so, so much for your help in choosing kitchen chairs! The NORDMYRA won out by quite a few comments, so I’ve decided to go with them. Tomorrow I’ll be roadtripping it to the IKEA in Frisco, TX (roughly 2 hours in the car each way, so not too bad) and making my purchases. I have my list made, but it always seems to go out the window once I walk in the doors of that blue and yellow wonderland. Inevitably something I wanted lets me down and something else (or ten) catches my eye. Such is the IKEA Gamble!

This Weekend:
• even more packing
• mailing packages to K, K and M
• picking up my $50(!) lawnmower
• laundry, definitely laundry
• grocery shopping for lunches

Happy Weekend to You!

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  • Joslyn

    July 1, 2008 at 7:54 pm Reply

    Kelly…next time you roadtrip to IKEA let me know. my office is literally across the street…perhaps we can meet up for a plate of swedish meatballs.

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