Of All the People in All the World.

Of All The People In All The World uses grains of rice to bring abstract statistics to life via exhibitions worldwide. Each grain of rice represents one person. Over a period of days a team of performers carefully weigh out quantities of rice to represent a host of human statistics in the form of groupings. Some are serious, some not so much.

Some examples include:
– the populations of towns and cities
– the number of doctors, the number of soldiers
– the number of people born each day, the number who die
– all the people who have walked on the moon
– deaths in the holocaust

I love the downplayed simplicity of the entire project. It makes it that much more impactful.

Check out more images on their flickr page!


Bee House Saltbox.

When in the kitchen I’m not a pinch-of-this-pinch-of-that sort of cook. I’m very by the book (er, recipe). The Bee House Saltbox would be perfect for that kind of person though – oh so adorable.

:: via The Kitchn


Bergamot Massage Oil.

I woke up to 35ยบ weather this morning and cold weather means one very gross thing: dry skin. I could never seem to find a lotion that provided enough moisture. One day I randomly brought it up while getting a manicure and the technician mentioned mixing a few drops of massage oil in with your body lotion each day. Wow! It makes a huge difference and this bergamot massage oil from The Body Shop smells so terrific that I don’t even need to wear perfume.


Wrist Worms.

Loving these wrist worms for so many reasons. Our office has been chilly lately, so they’d be perfect to wear/accessorize with for work. They come in tons of different colors and styles, too!