Caffeine Tees.

Jeremiah from Laughing Hyena emailed me over the weekend to share his Series 1: Caffeine tees. Besides the tees I’m digging the coffee bag packaging – a super nice touch!

He really tells it best: Laughing Hyena designs and produces creative tees for the independent thinker by deconstructing pop culture a single subject at a time. Each series highlights key components with an emphasis on typography as wearable art. In addition to the fresh and modern approach of Laughing Hyena comes a moral mission as well. A percentage of the profits from the sale of its shirts will be donated to a cause related to the “single subject” of the series. The reason is simple. Donating to a just cause, “just cause…” is a nice thing to do. All of our designs are screen printed on 100% cotton (some orgainc cotton) high quality, American made, sweatshop free t-shirts. A percentage of the profits from the sale of Series 1 will be donated to “Coffee Lifeline” a Freeplay Foundation project This innovative project seeks to empower coffee farmers in producing countries by utilizing self-powered radios to provide access to information and education in isolated rural areas. “It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up.”


Happy Weekend.

This is the very first decently cold weekend (39º!) we’ve had so far this year and I’m thrilled! I have big plans for my fireplace.

This Weekend:
• get holiday decoration boxes out
• Christmas shopping – it’s getting to the UGH point
• watching the OU/Texas Tech game tomorrow – BOOMER SOONER!
• finish up a project to gift
• make stew
• brace self for the next month and half of insanity

Happy Weekend!

:: photo via ffffound


Melissa Joy Manning Metal.

I’m loving modern, yet natural style of Melissa Joy Manning’s jewelry. By using gold, silver, semi-precious and precious stones and found objects, her line blends traditional and modern beautifully. I’m a strictly silver jewelry sort of girl, but I could definitely make an exception for some of Manning’s yellow gold pieces. Just a few of my favorites…


Roundup: 2009 Calendars Part 3.

I had absolutely NO intention of doing three installments of the 2009 Calendar Roundup. There are just so many great calendar designs out there for this coming year, that I couldn’t bear to leave any out!

2009 Desk Calendar from Jennifer Squires Productions. This calendar is a combination of 12 black and white and colour photographs. All images are custom printed by a professional photo lab on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and presented in a clear plastic jewel case that folds back to sit atop a desk or shelf. 2009 Calendar. Calendar of artwork from 13 artists whose work has appeared on the website

Bird wall calendar from The Yvestown Shop. Calendar measures 36.5 x 26 cm. NOTE: This is only my favorite calendar from TYS – check all the other wall and desk calendars available!

Inkless Letterpress tufted calendar. We’ve taken our 10″ x 10″ letterpress paper tile, and made it into an elegant little calendar. Each month is perforated, and simply tears off to reveal the one that follows. The paper tile has been mounted to acid-free foam board, so it’s sturdy enough to stand on a small easel, or hang on the wall. Each calendar comes with removable adhesive squares for hanging.

2009 printable PDF calendar from Narchi Screenprints. Print a whole year on only 3 pieces of paper! Calendar measures 4 x 4.”

Seeing Eye Calendar from Numbered Type. Forget near and far, the time has come to be now-sighted. Sundays are red, the rest are black – a minor detail. Test your vision but keep in mind these days are numbered.

Limited Edition Thyme Calendar from Nora Whynot. Rich in legend and folklore, each month depicts an unusual use of the herb thyme, from Egyptian embalming to ancient Greek honey collecting. The calendar comes with an introduction explaining each month’s image, eg January – If you plan on sailing the seven seas, take a tip from ancient mariners and wear a sprig of thyme around your neck for protection against sea monsters. Limited to only 100 calendars, each comes with a signed, numbered and dated Stamp of Authenticity on the back. Measures 7.9 x 5.7.”


Flying Wish Paper.

Thanksgiving is still a week away. Christmas further than that. And last of all New Years, which I’m apparently already thinking about! Flying Wish Paper would be so much fun to light and set off at midnight with your resolution or wish written on it! Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the provided platform, then light the top edge of the tube and watch it burn down. At the last moment your wish lifts off the platform and rises into the sky!



Ornaments are the real stars of a Christmas tree, so why not show them off more on the PossibiliTree? Oh, and the simplicity and storage are lovely, too!

Twenty-five years ago, architect Richard Babcock had an idea: Rather than buying, hauling and disposing of a Christmas tree every year, why not create a tree his family could use year after year? The six-foot wooden tree he created back then is still used by his family today. The PossibiliTree shown here is a tabletop version, standing almost three feet tall, with branches that can be fanned out in various ways. The tree is easily assembled and disassembled. The pieces can be stored in the original packaging – a tube, similar to the ones used by architects to hold drawings.