Happy Weekend.

Ugh. That’s really all I can say. If you noticed my absence these past few days I’m sorry. Trust that I would much rather have been working and functioning like a normal-ish human being that being cloistered in my bed. Not my house, mind you, but my actual physical bed for the past two days. I went to the doctor this morning finally and got a nice dose of antibiotics to knock whatever this is out of my system. All systems will be back to normal Monday.

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a set of Courtney Khail’s stationary! You have until Monday at 12 pm CST to enter and win a beautiful set of her hand-painted awesomeness!
Vanilla Week will resume Monday which means two extra days of vanilla-y goodness! (I’m glad it wasn’t Spinach Week or something equally healthy)

This Weekend:
• enjoy the unexpected snow that’s due to blanket the metro this evening and through the night
• miss K’s 30th birthday party (booo!)
• lay on the couch a lot
• watch tons of March Madness
• sleep for long periods of time
• in general: get better

Happy Weekend!

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  • jenX67

    March 29, 2009 at 10:09 am Reply

    if it’s any consolation, i’ve had the flu. three days of my life spent in bed. nice…i’m never getting those days back. but, after all that sleep, i look at least three years younger, which means i’m still 30-something. hahaha.

    get well soon.

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