Happy Weekend.

What a whirlwind of a week! Piper has been keeping me beyond busy, but in an oh-so-good way. In other news, I’ve been a logo-making machine at work and enjoying the below average temps for a change!

This Weekend:
• make cupcakes
• cookout at the J’s
• give Piper a bath
• mop floors
• ship out L’s birthday gift

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Happy Weekend!


The Daily Eat: Peaches and Cream Tart + Peach Roundup.

A perfectly light and summery Peaches and Cream Tart that requires minimal ingredients and effort.

1. Carmelized Peaches 2. Mascarpone Ice Cream with Carmelized Peaches, Cinnamon + Honey 3. Peach Bread 4. Peach Cobbler 5. Peach Crème Caramel
6. Peach Oatmeal Bread 7. Crumb-Topped Peach Pie 8. Peach, Fennel + Blue Cheese Pizza 9. Peach Puffs 10. Peach-Stuffed Cornmeal Galette 11. Peach Upside Downer 12. Peach Spice Cake 13. Peaches and Cream Cake 14. Peachy Cheesecake Squares 15. Texas Peach Cobbler


3 to See.

Jessica is amazing and talented
and full of wonderful art and fashion inspiration

Follow Jordan and her party planning career
for beautiful finds and kickass parties

Lisa’s a graphic design who loves to cook
hmm… sounds oddly familiar…

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Meet Piper.

Say hello to Piper, the newest member of the family! Roxy and Peanut are slooowly making the adjustment and accepting their canine sister. She’s a spunky little gal who’s extremely lovable and well-behaved. I couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks for all your help with names! I decided to stick with “Piper” for a few reasons. One, she answers to it. And two, that’s what I’d been calling her the entire time so she really had already become “Piper” already.

Today’s her first day in the crate at home while I’m at work. She’s already crate trained, but I’m still a little nervous. Crossing my fingers that she’ll still inside it when I get home after work!