Wish Gift List: Shiny Squirrel.

For new apartment owners who need to fill their bare walls. Rich Tu’s print is understated perfection.

Dear Golden Vintage Dandy Spectator Shoes. These would definitely be for me. I am completely smitten with spectator and saddle shoes and have requested them for the Holidays

Small Stump: Horse Slice. This would be great for Ashley Cheeks from It’s Ok my Dear because she is always working with these type of little animals and I can imagine this in her studio.

Suno NY: Anything from their Spring collection. My friend Dana, who is tall and blonde and woud look incredible in these prints

Palmer and Sons’ suitcases. My brother needs a perfect suitcase to carry around his freshly published stories and manuscripts.

Cubist Literature. Me again!! I am smitten with Craig’s designs and he looks so cute in the sweater so I hope I do too!

Windy Freda: Feather Crown. Andrew Mersits, one of my closest friends and lead singer of a bad ass band in Brooklyn called Lady Magma. She could totally pull off this feather crown for one of her performances.

Karen Walker Sunglasses. Any girl who knows the power of a good pair of sunglasses and Karen Walker takes the cake nowadays.

Double Parlour Sculpture. My mom because she collects little masks and sculptures for her walls.

Warsaw Handmade Bag – Rifle Bag. Great for artists, architects, or anyone who has to carry tubes around!

Anyone would be grateful to receive any one of these insanely creative gifts, thanks Jessica. You can find Jessica writing at Shiny Squirrel among her many ventures!

  • karey m.

    December 10, 2009 at 2:46 pm Reply

    i now have four new tabs open. never-before-seen things.

    that rarely happens. thanks for this one! xoxo and well done!

  • Rich Tu

    December 15, 2009 at 7:06 pm Reply

    Thanks for the love Design Crush. Much appreciated.

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