Win It: Xenotees Winner.

Wow, did you all ever love this scarf! (Me, too.) My favorite animal? I have to go with the otter, but that’s just for today. *wink* Congratulations to Ariel on the sweet win and a big thank you to Xenotees for sponsoring this hit of a giveaway! {Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to announce the winner!}


Happy {Belated} Holidays.

Yeah, I know. It’s December 29th and I’m only just now wishing you happy holidays and I have the gall to post a photo of silver tree branches after the 25th! Oh well, because I’ve been hanging onto this photo since last Christmas and just had to share. And to wish you the happiest season just about ever.

The flu has made for the hills, though my ears are still stuffy and I only have about 75% of my hearing. Next week brings a visit to an ear nose and throat doctor and hopefully the other 25% back. My MacBook showed up two hours after me at work this morning, wrapping up an oddly Groundhog Day-ish experience. (The display went out on the same day as last year, under the same circumstances and the same genius at the Apple Store waited on me one year to the day. Freaky.) All good things so far this week and I’m hoping the trend continues.

Blogging will be spotty this week, but stay tuned for some loose ends that were left hanging when I expectantly fell to the forces of the flu. (i.e. the Xenotees winner, the end of Cinnamon Week, etc.) So happy to be back!



So, so sorry for leaving the blogosphere unannounced!

I came down with a mad case of the flu Monday, the 14th. I left work at 2pm and was out sick the entire week. It was a mess of high fevers, hour after hour of sleep, and lots of medication as well as a few doctor visits.

Monday, the 21st I flew home to Pennsylvania for Christmas and have been here ever since.

Several readers have asked what’s up so this is just a tiny apologetic update post. Oh yeah, and my MacBook took a gigantic crap and the display went out. I fly back to Oklahoma tomorrow afternoon and will hopefully resume blogging Tuesday, pending that they didn’t wipe out my hardrive.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!


Win It: Xenotees.

I have a soft spot for screen printing. There’s just something so deeply satisfying about slaving over your design and then dragging the ink across the screen and seeing it take shape.

This week’s giveaway is from Xenotees, where every single piece is screen printed by hand on a manual 6 color/6 station press. And one of your luckies is going to be the recipient of this adorable French Pet Lobster scarf! It’s a sheer jersey scarf from American Apparel screen printed in red with “I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark…” in French. So sweet and charming. And perfect for all of winter’s chilliest days.

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. Your favorite animal!
2. Your email address, in case you’re the lucky winner (those who do not will sadly be disqualified)
3. And do it all before Friday, December 18th at 12pm CST

A winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after. Best of luck!