Ego Award Ring.

I’ve had my eye on these customizable Ego Award Rings by Jimena Rios for a few months and just keep going back to them. The metal is gently curved to fit your finger comfortably. And you get to choose not only the word, but also the elastic ribbon you want the band of your ring made from. Oh so pretty.

Side Note: I believe the one with the orange band on the left says Bizcocho, which means cake or pastry in Spanish and is slang for cutie pie. Coincidentally, it is also the nickname I gave my MacBook… must be a sign to order today!



As an admitted bibliophile and graphic designer attached at the hip to my MacBook, Twelve South’s Bookbook couldn’t be more up my alley. The inside is velvety soft, while the outside is a set of rigid hardback leather covers that sandwiches your MacBook inside for protection. The Bookbook looks good, functions well and is the perfect disguise should need be. Love it.


Word: Daisy Chain.

{image via ffffound}

third date {dinner at my place}

goosebumps + giddyness

he’s so lovely, I can’t stop smiling

the soufle has fallen, but he hasn’t noticed

I wonder if he can see my heart through this dress?

when he smiles he looks bashful, dark eyelashes looking down

fresh, new, uninterrupted love

this will make for a beautiful memory

always, in this moment

Thanks for the sweet words, Amber! You can read more of her lovely musings over at Daisy Chain.


Guesting: Greedy Girl Takes on Alt.

I’m that girl who takes her camera everywhere. And then snaps approximately two photos because she’s too busy having fun and otherwise occupied to be bothered with digging her camera out of her bag. Lucky for me, my friend Caroline (aka Greedy Girl) joined me on our trip to Alt. And snap away she did…

well. we made it. to the summit and back. altitude design summit, that is. and, aside from a couple suitcases bursting at the seams with summit goodies, we brought back enough business cards to fill a rolodex, enough inspiration to keep us busy on our blogs for a long time to come, and — even better — new friendships with some pretty talented people. i think surreal was probably the word used most to describe the vibe at alt. dooce, oh joy and apartment therapy‘s maxwell in the flesh, under one roof? wow. and that is only the tiniest fraction of talent. we met the names that often go unrecognized behind the very recognizable blogs we read every day. and that was surreal.

1. en route. bright and early. seriously early. i’m barely asleep by this time every night.

2. mountains were everywhere. they told us we were lucky because salt lake citians often can’t see the peaks, thanks to an unfortunate inversion layer. i felt lucky.

3. our first glimpse of the famous people: allison of petit elfant, nicole of making it lovely, jaime of design milk (and art milk) and karey of mackin ink (and t.ruffle girls). want to know their blog recs? here you go. thanks, famous new blog friends.

4. the grand america hotel. truly amazing. already planning the return trip to alt next year just to stay there.

5. kelly. you know her, right?

6. opening party night, old hollywood style. there was bread pudding. and an open bar. i was happy. we loved the cigarette girls walking around with their trays of movie theater candy. (here is our grand, red carpet entrance. note to self: shiny doesn’t photograph well. don’t be awkward. and find your neck. also, you can’t tell, but kelly was rocking some serious goldenrod tights. if she didn’t seem like such a light sleeper, i would have gotten into her suitcase at night and stolen them.) {Note from Kelly: That’s possibly the worst photo of me ever taken in the history of my life. Ugh.}

7. takashi’s. super sushi.

8. kelly and me at takashi’s. my disclaimer: i’d been up since 6:30 a.m. (okkkk, 7, since kelly knows my snoozing ways) and hadn’t even had a deodorant refresher. i was seriously haggard.

9. snow. our last night was met with a fun 3-piece jazz band (playing jay-z!) in the hotel lounge with a fire. it snowed. i was happy.

xx caroline duke (aka greedy girl)

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The Perfect Bag.

Last Wednesday night, after hours of whittling down my packing list for Alt, I managed to cram everything into a carry-on bag. And came to the maddening conclusion that I have become a high-maintenance traveler. I was in Salt Lake City for just over 48 hours, how in the world could I require more than would fit in a carry-on?!

And then I saw this. The Perfect Bag. (No, seriously, that’s really what it’s called!) And I decided that if this were my bag I could make two weeks worth of stuff fit inside just to have the pleasure of toting around something so chic. Hop on over and take the 360º tour. {seen on Neatorama}


Win It: Strawberry Luna.

I’ve been stalking Strawberry Luna (aka Allison) for a few years now. I can’t get enough of her style and once I found out she’s based out of my hometown – Pittsburgh, PA – I was a total goner! All the work for Strawberry Luna is designed and hand screenprinted by Allison herself. And yes, they’re all for real, live shows and real, live bands. Talk about a dream job. And this week Allison is giving away this beauty to one of you!

To Enter, Tell Me:

1. Your favorite band. Ever.
2. Your email address. (In case you win. Those who do not will sadly be disqualified.)
3. Do it all before Monday, February 1st at 9am CST.

PS: Congratulations to Heather, the winner of last week’s Bread of Many giveaway!