Amanda Wachob Tattoo.

I have five tattoos of my own and have always been a fan of the all black look. But these? The work of tattoo artist Amanda Wachon is flat out art. Brilliant art that makes me want to embrace the colored side. I’ve never wanted to live in NYC more than this very moment, she’s there inking away at Dare Devil Tattoo. Like, whoa, total girl crush. {via frolic!}


Buttons Print.

Eva Juliet never fails to impress and this Buttons print is no exception. I love those candy-colored hues! This piece would be perfectly at home in my little studio, reminding me that I’d really love to learn to sew more than fallen off buttons.


Heart Macaroons.

These heart macaroons made by Two Hearts Bakery for Williams-Sonoma look absolutely mouthwatering. And with Valentine’s Day being only a month from yesterday, they might just be the perfect sweet treat to send off to that someone special. Or that friend who rocks. Or (ahem) yourself.


Silverware Dishtowels.

Big utensils photoprinted on dishtowels. Kind of the modern equivalent of those humongous wooden forks and spoons everyone had on their kitchen walls back in the day, only much more chic!


CB2 Love.

It’s been awhile since I flipped the pages of a catalog, oohing and aahing over every other page. But after returning home from my last trip to Pennsylvania to find the latest CB2 catalog waiting in my mailbox, that’s exactly what happened. Everything just feels so clean and fresh and ready to slide right into my life. If I hit the lottery or got a big bonus tomorrow, these are the pieces I’d snatch up first…

1. galvanized 12 bottle wine rack 2. go-cart 3 shelf table 3. engine barstools
4. perspective mirror 5. metal trunks 6. twiggy side table 7. pulley pendant lamp
8. gear candleholder