Happy {Memorial Day} Weekend.

My completely above average boss has given us both Friday and Monday off for the Memorial Day weekend, so I’m cutting out early this week. I can’t wait to soak up some rays, work on a few projects around the house and spend plenty of time with friends celebrating the unofficial start of summer. What do you have in store?

+ The perfect desktop wallpaper for all your bike lovers out there

+ A pretty yellow sunshine floral card to brighten your day in the free sort of way

+ A bevy of succulents make for a gorgeous wedding

+ No watermelon is complete with vodka

+ I’m holding out until June 1st to turn on my AC, so the less I have to turn on the oven, the better – enter gazpacho

+ Someone has finally heard our pleas for a recipe card generator!

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Weekend!


Banana Bites.

I see a batch of these smart little Banana Bites in my very near future. Like Kate of Framed says, it’s a great way to clean out those little bits of things left in your kitchen cupboards – chocolate chips, peanuts, coconut, whatever. And, well, bananas are fruit so technically it’s half healthy, no?



The WASARA line is a great example of why disposable doesn’t have to equal unattractive. These single-use pieces are made entirely of 100% tree-free renewable materials (sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp), and fully biodegradable and compostable. They’re suitable for cold or hot foods, and they’re oil- and water-resistant. Take your pick from three sizes of plates in two different shapes, a segmented tray, bowls, tumblers, coffee cups and wine cups.


Lemonade Party.

I’m passing on this idea for a Lemonade Party from Cheeky Kitchen because it immediately had me thinking of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. But really, who wouldn’t love a Lemonade Party any day of the week? (Or perhaps jazzed up with a little vodka for a Lemonade Happy Hour? Oh, yes.) All you need is a batch of lemonade syrup concentrate and loads of pure fruit ice cubes. Okay, my mouth is watering a little just thinking about all that puckery goodness…


Monday Goodness: Ribbit.

{via ffffound}

A late start, thanks to a doctor’s appointment this morning, and my entire day has been thrown off. So today I’m pleading out to catch up on life. Wishing you the bestest a Monday can possibly offer…