Abby and Kate create beautiful pieces of handpainted jewelry as goldenink, using their own kiln and high quality products. I’ve been staring at that necklace for a week straight, talk about organic beauty…


Happy Weekend


+ CMYK Twister – this needs to be a real thing.

+ Irina Werning’s BACK TO THE FUTURE photography project is ridiculously accurate.

+ Beer + Marshmallows = YESSSSS

+ A vintage postcard time line of Times Square.

+ Ooh, definitely going to make these string + paperclip earrings.

+ Cocktail infographics! If only they were in English…

Happy Weekend!


Etched Vino Decanters

These wine decanters are perfection. Completely versatile when it comes to environment – farmhouse, minimalist, etc. And that script is to die for. I rarely drink white wine, but would make an exception just to use these in a pair!


Communal Table

Cookbooks without imagery bug me. As in I won’t buy them. Cookbooks with photos are good, cookbooks with illustrations are better. Communal Table is a new series of cookbooks about sharing the love gathering together to eat. Book One focuses on casual settings with a great list of contributors and illustrated by Caroline Hwang. Even better (as if that were possible), proceeds for the series will be donated to a food-related organization. Book One is supporting Philadelphia-based non-profit The Food Trust. {via oh joy!}


Kelly Lamb Planters

Geodesic shapes are kind of a big deal right now, popping up everywhere from hotel pods to fashion runways. I’m especially fond of Kelly Lamb’s contribution, these concrete finish planters.


Alphabet Rings

I’m all kinds of accident prone, so I’d probably poke my eye out on these rings. But alas, I love them nonetheless. Great font choice.