Wild Animals

The snake rattles,
the lion yawns
and man makes a book.
A wild book
for civilized people.
A sophisticated book
for wild people.
A beautiful book
with wild animals
for civilized people.
A book with beautiful animals
for wild people.

Wild Animals is a beautiful self-published book by Rop van Mierlo resembling some of the best Rorschach tests you’ve ever laid eyes upon.


Pancake Heaven

Or “pan-a-cakes” as I called them, until an all too late age. I’m not a lover of maple syrup on my pancakes, so I like alternative recipes that either don’t require any or use a different variation of topping. But my favorite are a simple tried and true buttermilk recipe with fresh blueberries in the batter. (As always, click on the photo to be taken to the recipe and source.)

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Tourmaline Gold Ring

The beauty of this ring caught me completely off guard. So much so that I let out an audible gasp. Meet the Watermelon Tourmaline gemstone. It’s special in that it can only be mined in the mountains of Western Maine. Its name comes from the greenish-pink hue that resembles, well, a slice of watermelon. And my, oh my. How I want it to be mine. {via Something Old, Something New}



madebyhank’s totes and wristlets with suede geometric appliques are hardly breaking news at this point, but I’m still finding myself madly drawn in by them. The craftsmanship looks amazing and I can almost imagine the feel of one on my arm.