Warren Krupshaw

Extremely macro photography has always fascinated me, actually anything that my own eyeball can’t see on its own fascinates me. Warren Krupshaw’s gem and mineral photography goes beyond that, it kills me. Not only does Krupshaw take these intricately beautiful shots of the pieces he collects, he also tell you how to do both for yourself. Now if that’s not generosity, I’m not sure what is. (via Besotted Brand Blog)

PS: Isn’t it funny how drawings of gems and minerals look more like photographs and photos more like drawings?

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  • strawberryluna

    July 1, 2011 at 1:19 pm Reply

    Wow…I am right there with you with the love of macro photography, there is something so pleasing about really getting a good look at textures and form, right?

    I’d never seen the work of Krupshaw before, so cool. Thanks!

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