Chemicus Service Set

For the scientist/host who has everything, Art Lebedev has created a serving set combining fine china and a chemistry set – Chemicus. Now you can take your experiments out of the lab and into the kitchen! And if you look close enough you might even spot a few biohazard signs. Needless to say, I’m in love.


Adios April

Dyed Easter eggs with my mom. (See the Mickey Mouse??)
Bought more melamine!
Filled the house with flowers.
Cuddled with The Peanut.

Visited Chirps & Cheers for the first time!
Spent lots of time outdoors with Piper.
Reminisced a little – that’s me and my dad!
Marveled at only having killed two perennials in my butterfly garden.


Happy Weekend


01/ A fold-out bookshelf, for when you want to be fancier than you are.
02/ Huge awesome/creepy marionettes!
03/ How to make a cardboard chandelier!
04/ A reusable drink carrier that’s perfect for picnic-ing.
05/ Abstract embroidery is a thing!
06/ 10,000 meters of yarn can be really beautiful.
07/ DIY marbled glassware that’s practically screaming for a good cocktail.
08/ Doubt many people are throwing this concrete business card away.
09/ Travel tic-tac-toe that’s perfect for roadtrips.
10/ The World’s Longest Invoice. Happy I don’t have anything to add to it just yet.


Little Corners: Mackin Ink

Welcome to the well-curated corners of Mackin Ink (aka Karey Mackin)!

i spend a lot of time in this room. i write here, i watch my husband cook from here, i marvel with my girlies three here about everything from the size and beauty of their muscles {grae-rose} to how fast they can run from the back of the house to the front and back again {esmé. and her record is twelve seconds.} to their dead-on accuracy with the latest eminem or karmin rap {lillie kate. and yes, i am worried about this.}, i tell everyone who shockingly does not care that our chairs are hans wegner when they are actually tell city, i allow esmé to add anything she wants to the inspiration wall for as long as the turquoise tape lasts {it usually looks like this}, i slide off into wonderful memories inside all our photos instead of writing, and lose chunks of time dreaming of the ones we haven’t even made yet. i just realized that i only keep things in here that make me smile. totally unlike my laundry room.







Barky Turntable

Lately I’ve been eying turntables, one of which I haven’t owned since I was 12. (It was part of my all white stereo!) Some music just sounds better on vinyl, especially the songs of my childhood. (I remember buying 9″ records with my mom. At K-Mart!) I came across the Barky Turntable the other day and thought, “Yeah, now that’s a looker.” Wonder how it sounds?



Canadian shop Falconwright has been popping up everywhere lately, and with good reason – look at those graphics! There’s not a one I wouldn’t proudly call my own. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people feel that way because they’re all sold out at the moment. Hopefully they’ll be restocking their amazing leather clutches, wallet pouches, change purses, and card holders sometime very soon. Until then, I’ll be stalking. Er, waiting.


Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Currently I find myself with the latest iPhone, which never happens and likely won’t last much longer. I’m always at least a generation behind, normally two. But I digress. I would have thought by this stage of the game and all the technological improvements that have been made, that battery life wouldn’t be as sad and short as it is. Within the first week of owning my 4S I was already noticing a decline in the charge life.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the white mophie juice pack plus. I’d seen battery extenders and attachments around the web, but never bit. mophie contacted me about trying one of theirs after seeing me complain about my phone’s battery life (or lack of) on Twitter, and because I liked their clean design I said sure. Basically the juice pack plus acts as a regular ol’ phone case until your battery starts to die, then with the flip of a switch you add several more hours of texting and tweeting and Instagraming to your near future. It’s that simple. When you plug it in to charge, your phone gets juiced up as well (which I just learned.) It adds a little length and depth to your device to accommodate the battery pack, but I hardly noticed it. So the jury’s in, if you use your phone a lot and hate making time in the middle of your day to charge it the mophie juice pack plus is probably for you.

Disclaimer: mophie provided me with a juice pack plus for my own personal use. I was not obligated to post about it. All opinions are my own.


Urban Geodes

You can go ahead and file Paige Smith’s urban geodes project under Things I Wish I’d Thought of First. Paige has been installing these metallic paper structures that mimic mineral formations in spaces in buildings and holes in pipes all around Los Angeles. The joy lies in their unexpectedness and the fact that they might be easily missed. Check out Paige’s map of their locations (12 so far) and hunt for them on your own! (via Got a Girl Crush)


Fluffy Raspberry Mousse

I can’t think of a more favorite summer dessert than this fluffy mousse, my grandma used to make it for me when I was a kid. It’s perfectly light and airy, couldn’t be easier, and if made with the right version of ingredients not all that bad for you.


Fluffy Raspberry Mousse

• 1 C near boiling water
• 3 oz package raspberry Jello (Or any flavor, really. I used sugar-free.)
• 8 oz cream cheese (I used fat free)
• 1 container Cool Whip (Again, I used fat free)

In a small bowl, combine near boiling water and Jello. Stir until dissolved, then set aside to slightly cool. In a medium bowl use a hand mixer to beat cream cheese until light and fluffy. Pour Jello water into cream cheese, carefully mix on low until there are no lumps. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature, then fold Cool Whip in. (This takes longer than any other step, they take a few minutes to incorporate together.) Cover with plastic wrap or lid and refrigerate for two hours, then serve.

Pro Tips:
1. Layer between graham crackers before refrigerating for a yummy icebox cake.
2. Add cottage cheese before refrigerating for some texture.
3. Chop up some corresponding fresh fruit to mix in.
4. Crush up some graham crackers and sprinkle on top when served.