Little Corners: Pattern Pulp

At home with Shayla Kulik of Pattern Pulp.

Okay. We all have that troublesome spot above the TV. What do you do with it? Will art compete, will it be asymmetrical in a bad way, what on earth will complement, won’t break the bank and be fairly easy to install? I figured my best bet was to order mini canvases, paint and arrange on the wall. I did them in two phases and I’ll say I’m quite pleased with the results. The hardest part was hanging the grid. Here’s how they went up.


When my husband and I eloped, we actually considered making this our announcement art. Everything about the way our toothbrushes fall, tilt and slink (they’re rarely upright) reflects the nature of our relationship – quirky, fun and perfectly suited!


This is my favorite DIY piece. I travel quite a bit for Pattern Pulp and am forever snapping photos of print and texture inspiration. At the suggestion of a friend, I started desaturating my photos and printing them on matte card stock for the living room wall. Lately the mini canvases have served as inspiration for the painting class I’m taking at SVA.


This is my special little nook in the bedroom, and yes, that’s Pooh and I’ve had him since 8th grade. In lieu of babies and pets, he gets more than his fair share of attention. The mirror was a steal for $15 at Housing Works and after a fresh coat of white glossy paint, it actually looks brand new. That said, I’m waiting for it to crash in the middle of the night, it’s literally hanging on a wire thread.


Count me in as a plant lover. Unfortunately I’m without a green thumb and post all of my sad plant stories to Instagram. That said, this little guy’s been growing Little Shop of Horrors style for the past few months. The SCAD pencils are a handy addition to the desk for when I need to do a quick and colorful sketch.


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