Happy Weekend

01/ Such a great geometric DIY picnic blanket.
02/ Alcohol-infused gummy bears!
03/ These DIY Painted Confetti Tumblers would make a sweet summer hostess gift.
04/ A world map made of coins.
05/ I’m a sucker for these Full Moon Sticky Notes.
06/ Room portraits – from above!
07/ Platter of Friendship.
08/ Would you have a cocktail out of The Porthole?
09/ The Bill Murray Coloring Book!
10/ The Etcetera Planter looks like a great small spaces solution.



Breakfasts of Noosa yoghurt, uncooked oatmeal, and blueberries.
So many hazy hot days.
Plenty of hydrangeas stolen from my mom’s yard.
Lazy days spent with these two.


Fostered this little guy – Snoopy – for three weeks. He goes to his forever home today. Sniff.
Discovered the simple awesomeness of avocado toast.
Paid too much for delicious Rainier cherries!
Started my first ever garden.



Fresh Threads

I usually find drawer fresheners cloyingly floral and very un-me, but that’s not the case with Fresh Threads. All three available scents – Subtle Citrus, Classic Clean, and Soft Amber – pass my test. And they’re not only good for use in drawers, I also popped a few in my coat closet, cabinets, and under the driver’s seat in my car. The patterned prints are nice and modern, and each one even has a tiny pop-out circle so you can thread some twine and hang wherever you please.